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gbong hits

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fer405, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. How many of you dudes can take a gbong hit like a champ and hold it in after, I just milked one real good the smoke turned darker and kinda yellow and it hit hard but I held it in for a few seconds now I'm sitting here in my dark room zoned out listening to music and seeing shit I feel pretty good and stoned 0.o
  2. Takes me like 10 'GBong' Rips now. It's harsh, but it can get you retarded, once you reach your high
  3. i still like gravity bongs. get me lifted every time.
  4. That yellowish smoke is called "wheating" the milk. It's when you milk it so much the smoke turns to a color that resembles wheat. Usually means it's a pretty big hit and will probably be kinda harsh hahah. Good job though, seems you're where you wanna be and thats all that matters
  5. I can usually take one without coughing. But I can't hold that full hit in more than like 3 seconds or else I cough up a lung.
  6. I would take about 2 bowls and get about 2 from each bowl.. My gravity bongs have always been pretty big so I've never have had to do it more then once or twice before I'm satisfied.

  7. Thanks. Been wondering this every time my gbong turned yellow. Thought something was wrong, but it turns out to be something so right
  8. i use to be able to take the biggest hits out of every one i knew, I still can but not one after another.... I quit smoking cigs and now i can take one and i cough till the bong gets passed back then i just take a normal hit. When i do take a monster hit i only do it to show off. I like to take smaller hits when i am by my self to savor my weed
  9. I fucking LOVE Gb's. So smooth. And watching the smoke pool into the bottle... Gasm...

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