GBL'S Out the garden, 1st Led grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Greenbudlover, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Hey fellow blazers!! Here's my first ever grow!! The strain is Trainwreck (a seed I found in dispensary bag ). I used Pro Mix soil along with Fox farm nutes and bat gauno. I used molasses water between nutes and flushed with 15 gallons of water 2 weeks before harvest. I used a 240w Led along with a handful of smaller watt led/cfls 1459829969864.jpg 1459830012915.jpg 1459830066504.jpg 1459830110001.jpg 1459830181725.jpg 1459830237120.jpg 1459830266659.jpg 1459830293945.jpg 1459830320266.jpg 1459830355417.jpg 1459830382652.jpg 1459830397161.jpg

    the stone from this weed is a very heavy couch locking indica. guys enjoy the gallery!!!

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  2. Forgot, trichomes ;)

  3. First off, good job on completing your first grow, many people don't even make it to this point ( I didn't my first time).

    But some tips for future grows. Bat guano is an organic additive, meaning there needs to me microbial life in the soil in order for it to break down enough for plant use.

    Problem is that fox farms nutes are not organic, despite what they say, so in turn the nutes kill the microbiology which basically wastes your guano and its capabilities. So a decision should be made on whether to go organic or synthetic.

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  4. That's probabley why she became so deficient in her last month's and I couldn't figure it out !!! Thank you!!!

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