gays cant get their car fixed

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  1. my car broke down today and it had to get towed. i told them to tow it to the nearest repair place. so they did. i had never been there before, so i walk in, and i get my car looked at and what not. apparently my cellaniod broke or something, idk, i dont know anything about cars. i couldnt even change a flat. so anyways, the mechanic gave off this really rude vibe and i wasnt diggin it. and he looks in my car and see my air freshener off my rearview thats a pine tree, but its a rainbow for gay rights. he looks at t and asks me,
    "are you a queer or something??"
    so i laugh and go, "why yes i happen to be a 'queer.'"
    he looks at me right in the eye with a dirty look and goes, "fresh outta cellanoids."
    now its obvious that he was lying becasue hes got something against gays, but what the fuck? i cant even give him my money so he can fix my fuckin car? anyways, i ask him when theyll get more and he goes
    "uh.... well.... were really backed up."
    there was like half the lot with cars. so ghe goes on telling me that i cant keep my car on their lot since theyre not fixing it. and instead of paying to get it towed again, i had someone help my push it across the street into a parking lot. now i gotta go get one at another place and bring it back to install it. that seems like a lot of work, but i dont want to have to tow it again. fuckin expensive.
  2. thast incredible how ignorent people are, yet im ashamed to know a few.

    dont let them get to your head, which it sounds like they havnt.
  3. Wow, that is seriously fucked up.

    Definitely discrimination, if you wanted to, im sure you could pursue it and make a case, but it would be a lot of work and money.

    You could write to the ACLU or something though.

    Sorry for your trouble, and sorry for his ignorance. Stupid business since, cause im fairly sure money is money, no matter how "queer" the money is. lol
  4. Shit happens...

    I got shit on a lot livin in the hood down in florida for bein white.

    Just live n let live, who gives a fuck what people say.
  5. yeah, but who cares. if i spend the time and money, hes not gonna walk out any wiser
  6. Doubt it.... its his word against the Shop Tech's... Wheres the proof? It wont stand up in court.
  7. Wtf, seriously.... ^^^^

    They see me trollin... they hatin...tryin to catch me trollin dirty
  8. so your just gonna keep that same picture on every thread, just change the words?
  9. i say we curbstomp that motherfuckerrrrrrr
    ..kidding, violence is not the answer
    but if it was, holy fuuuck hed be one dead mechanic
  10. What hood did you live in homie?
  11. Eh, i you really wanted to waist your time... Calling him a "queer" right off the bat is harassment. And all shops have a parts log that they cant change for tax reasons. I worked in a shop for about 2 weeks (worst experience ever.)
  12. Its amazing how people get when it comes to gays. I've seen really good natured and friendly people go rabid when you mention gays. In fact I grew up with a kid who couldn't stand gays, he was a great guy, great friend, great athlete, great student, but for one reason or another he was disgusted by gay people.

    It almost makes me feel ashamed to be part of the human race... the fact that we can't get past so petty a difference as this:(

    In the 30's it was blacks, in WW II it was Jews(much worse, but its still the same concept), now it's gays. You'd think society would learn from its mistakes when it comes to shit like this.

    I'm not gay, nor do I have any gay friends, but I just cant see why people dont just treat each other like human beings.

    Maybe if everybody smoked pot alot of the hate would disappear:D:smoking:
  13. thats soo fucked up.

  14. Yea, i thought about that, but wasnt sure if he did have any evidence or not. I assumed he didnt though. Doesnt seem like he wants to do any of that shit though, bro just wants his car fixed.
  15. Semoran and Stone Wall Jackson.

    You git down there u see a shell station n some shitty hood ass apartments..

    shit was tight as hell tho, met a lotta good connects, just got dogged on sometimes cuz it was all homies n peurto ricans
  16. woah, thats crazy! what kinda of car do you have?

    Im a mechanic, we get all kinds of people in my shop.. a car is a car.. it needs to be worked on.. I need to get paid.. like I give a fuck who is driving the fuckin car.. gay/straight/old/young/cat/dog. I don't give a fuck, aslong as they pay :\
  17. That's fucked up. Seriously. I'm sorry to hear that, and I would hapily change your solenoid in that parking lot for you if I could, lol I charge squat for labor. Anyway, best of luck. I know it's a little cliche, but you gotta let it roll off, because there will always be plenty of ignorant people. But it doesn't matter, because I'd put money on you being a much better person than this mechanic will ever be. Hang in there.
  18. you never descriminate against ole benjamin franklin, at least i never do.

    could be a god damned alien from outer space and i'd help you with your car if you carried them benji's around with you.
  19. Well son, maybe they were just outta cellanoids. seems to me they sold the last one right before you walked up. And ya the distributor they get their parts from was prolly on back order.
    You know not everyone is out to get gays. But maybe they're fed up with all the protesting and crying about not being allowed to marry and how they arent recognized as a class of people and yada yada. give it up, move on. The people voted and your not allowed to marry. You're just annoying people, like jim the mechanic. :wave:
  20. gay money obviously had aids on it, and it makes you have sexes with me. duh, its liek you guys dont even know.

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