Gays and stoners should join forces

Discussion in 'General' started by cryingpeanuts, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. So im sure you are all aware of the recent suicides of gay guys and Ive noticed a lot of stoners are accepting of gays and I think it might be a good time to join forces and defend the gays. They sign prop 19 and we support gay marrage! A beautiful relationship in the making.
    Plus I dont know about you guys but I dont hesitate to put my blackbelt in karate to its full potential if need be. And I sure as fuck know that if someones hating on a gay kid Ill stand up for them big time. Whats everyones opinion on the matter?
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  2. Should we elect a gay stoner as the leader?
  3. IM in favour.
  4. I actualy really like this idea aha :smoke:
  5. Eh, I don't really see a reason to do so. Nothing holds the two groups together except shared hatred of close minded religious fanatics.

    What are you going to start this motion at the next meet where the gay coalition and the stoner coalition will get this alliance legit?
  6. LOL Yes.
  7. True shit! Both gay and stoners have to deal with unnecessary shit from ignorant close-minded people.

  8. Sounds like a job for Ellen! I would love to get high with her, you know she would have your stomach hurting from laughing so hard.
  9. then people would associate smoking weed with being gay
  10. Who ever said the forces are against each other? :laughing:

    From what I've read on here most people don't mind gay marriage, so hey we're on their side already. :p
  11. Or that stoners are understanding kind people

  12. this. I like gay people, but if you combine the two then in alot of peoples eyes it will be alot worse. You'll then have religious wackos saying smoking pot makes you gay
  13. Who's going to be the emissary sent to

  14. no, im sure people will figure out were just getting votes for prop 19.

    I dont mind at all, I have a few gay friends, being a stoner, I feel like I can connect with them on a better level than most people because we are constantly reminded of how ignorant some people are.

    Someone should find the largest gay forum/message board with lots of members in cali and recruit them. Statistically, a lot of them toke up too.
  15. hell yea.

    i want the gov't to start saying smoking pot makes you gay, think of the anti-drug ads on tv, they'd be sooooo funny.
  16. i'm in but.. not for barney frank.. he's a jerk
  17. I'll agree if pot is legalized nationwide. Prop 19 doesn't do me any good besides of course it being a step in the right direction
  18. where can we build a base

  19. Ahahahaha.

    Back at the big, gay stoner base...

    "Oh no, the Feds are here, get your scarves and get out of here girls!" (Gay community)

    "Uh.....did anyone else just see a flock of pink flamingos?" (Stoner Community)
  20. I know stoners who are not very friendly to gays but I'm down for the acceptance group and the gay stoner as leader

    we should adopt the gay flag with a marijuana leaf on it as our representation ahahahahha
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