Gay smokers!

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  1. so today i was smoking a couple joints with a few girls and one black guy. i couldnt help but notice that this guy was acting hella gay. like shit i swear i felt my dick trying to hide behind my nuts. so as he hits the joint hes is looking at me trying to get eye contact while holding the joint like if it was a dildo, wat did i do you might ask. i took my fuckin joint and got the hell out of there. wat pissed me off the most is that while i left i heard him say where are you going! :mad:

    What do you think about gay smokers?

    ps: i have nothing against homosexuals.
  2. i think they're gay.

    sometimes i worry that if they get spit on the peice
    and i hit the peice and somehow absorb the spit
    ill contract the gay gene
    and want to have buttsex.
  3. You shoulda asked him for buttsecks, and then when people find out you can be like " but i was high so i didn't know better"
  4. I see a lot of gay people these days, but i've never seen one smoke weed. interestinggg
  5. [​IMG]
  6. it was my first time i thought nothing of it until the direct eye contact.

    lmfao im sure thats wat he was expecting.

    i get wat ur saying i feel wierd sharing a pipe, specially my own pipe, with one of them.

  7. hahaha "one of them"
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    HAHAHA . why the fuck didnt u just lay down the law and mack on the bitches. LOL . handle it

    some of my regular customers are a group of gays, they loud as shit and stuff, but they good peoples. me and one of them were bout to fight wit these hood nggas who were tryna fuck my homegirl at a party. i wasnt havin that shit
  9. See the thing about them queers is they are noticeable.
  10. How dare a gay man look you in the eyes :mad:

  11. How fucking dare another human make eye contact with him!

    Fucking outlandish! :mad:
  12. It's an outrage! Call the authorities!
  13. Maybe it's just cause I'm super high, or I'm gay, but this thread makes no sense to me. Lol
  14. I was never gay until I smoked from a joint that a lesbian smoked from, then I turned into a dyke...weird,..
  15. Ok let me get this straight. You say you have nothing against gays. But then you hightail it outta there as soon as some guy you think might be gay looks at you.

    Perhaps you are so far in the closet that you don't want to be confronted with your inner feelings so you run away from them.

    But it's just a theory of mine that I'm working on.
  16. OP is gay.
  17. Personally I don't think being weird is solely because one is gay; like this guy that was obviously acting beyond your comfort level. I don't think he was 'creepy'/too flirtatious/what have you because he was gay; I think it just depends on the person.

    Some people are creepers and weird, and others are not...there are various amounts that are both straight and gay.

    My dad is gay, and his partner Glen is a total stoner. He's so fucking cool, he respects me and always defends me. He's a great guy to get stoned with.
    Never been weird, not once. In fact he's one of the most normal guys I know.

  18. Ok Im gonna sound like a homophobe or however its spelled... Im not so dont bash me. I have nothing against anyones sexuality but while smoking you have to remember that your lips are touching the same thing the other smokers are smoking. Being straight I would absolutely detest/wouldnt smoke a joint that a gay man had smoked. Again nothing personal but I just would be disgusted. Also I would feel quite ackward if someone I had a feeling was homosexual was staring at me in a strange way. Again Im not against homosexuals and it even worries me when other ppl I know smoke my pipe or hit a joint. I have a few friends that I have a gut feeling are closeted gays and I hold no ill will against them and it doesnt change the way I view them... but I sure as hell dont share my pipe with them or especially a joint as it absorbs saliva... You never know where someones lips were before and as I said that goes with anyone!
  19. Nope, pretty sure you're homophobic.
  20. Do you smoke with chicks? Pretty sure they've had dicks in their mouths. :rolleyes:

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