Gay Potheads?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by lacrossestar, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. Im not gay... but i was just wondering are there or do you know any gay people who smoke? I know lesbians buy I mean gay men.
  2. whhhhhat..... of course gay people smoke, thier people too.... people who just wanna get high, like everyone else....

    what kind of question is ?
  3. If you ask Pat Robertson ,(the self appointed 'son of god') ,

    he would say that all people who smoke pot are gay.

    possibly gay jews.;)
  4. lol... i know a Bi guy.. and he smokes weed, not any gay
  5. hahaha. what the fuck.
  6. one of our original members was a gay guy .He was a really nice person ,l miss him.
  7. This gay dude at my school once brought a ziplock full of weed to school. I didn't know but my friend did and he told me about it.
  8. Gays, jews, muslims, christians, blacks, whites, lab monkeys. So what unites them all you ask?? WEED!! ;)
  9. a friend of mine for many years is a toker, and also gay. i don't really see the issue. it's like asking if gay people drink beer, or wine. ofcourse they do. and some smoke. good for gays and heteros alike :)

  10. Damn right dude, you got it spot on ;)
  11. \

    Hah, I bet you do.but since l,am gay its all cool.[​IMG]
  12. ^^^^ LMAO u Joker :D no offence critter but it was funny dude.
  13. at first i was angered, because he was making fun of somebodies sexuality, then i thought it was funny, because he was poking at critter, then i was angered again because he was still making fun of someones sexuality, then i got confused. I'd better go smoke a bowl before my head pops.

  14. Me too. I love Zonedude! He sent me a funny email the other day. I'll see if I can get him to stop by and see us.

    What was the question? Oh...yeah, every man that I know who happens to be gay is a stoner (lol...and they take a lot of Xanax's too). All of my girlfriends who dig chicks get high too.

    I mostly hang out with stoners, though.
  15. zonedude's gay!? coo' first i knew that.
    yep, he's always the guy i think of first when i think of fallen blades. get his blue av'd ass back here jil... tell him to take a peek at all the fun he's been missing out on! lol

    aaanyways.... on to what i was originally gonna post...

    Im not gay... but i was just wondering are there or do you know any gay people who go to the toilet? I know lesbians but I mean gay men.
    i also wanted to know if they breath oxygen... just like us... or is that a myth too?

  16. my friends uncle smokes a lot, actualy he might be here somewhere....well he lives in cali, my friend told me a bunch of storys bout his trip down there last summer
  17. ...Hey thats cool man.Glad to see ya happy to stand up [​IMG]
  18. me <-------- gay vegan pothead hippie music teacher

    (I also work out a lot, and can beat the shit out of most people who would give me crap for any of the aformentioned qualities)
  19. No. Gay people don't smoke.

    And Christians don't believe in Gravity.

    This is just the way of the world.
  20. yep I've smoked with quite a few gay people. They were all really chill. One of my sisters friends, who is gay, has a really nice custom blown bong, amazing art in the marbles and on the bowl.

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