Gay penguin couple raises abandoned egg

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  1. Two homosexual penguins have successfully hatched an egg that was rejected by its parents and are now proudly rearing the chick, the German zoo housing the couple said on Wednesday.

    UK yahoo

    Hmmm so much for Gay being "unnatural" and a "choice". I am an opponent to gay marriage but I believe gay couples should be able to adopt children. They could raise any kid better than a foster home could.
  2. Perhaps homosexuality is nature's way of population control.
  3. ........word?
  4. lol... I don't know if you meant to do this but upon reading that I had a clear image of Dave Chappelle in my head, doing his standup bit when he meets an Indian.

    Aaanywho, yeah, just goes to show that homosexuality is something people are born into. The only choice they have is whether to painfully suppress their natural urges, enter in on utter jokes of a relationship, and be unhappy for the rest of their 'heterosexual' lives.

    Because being gay isn't a choice (just like being black or white isn't a choice) I believe gays deserve equal rights, including the right to marry (or form a civil union with equivalent federal benefits to heterosexual marriage)

  5. Perhaps the article was published just to bolster that opinion.

    Sounds pretty goofy to me.

    I grew up on a farm around lots of animals and I never seen no gay animal couples, ever. :rolleyes:
  6. Oh yeah, that's right, cause one person's experience is a universal truth, right?
    Just cause you haven't seen something doesn't mean it aint true.
  7. How sweet :]
    MountyBounty, if you dont think being gay is unnatural why would you choose to oppose gay marriage?
    (not trying to poke at u n start a debate or anything, just wondering if its religious opinions or something else)
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    No problem chulacabra... I just think that marriage should only be a private issue between one and his/her religion... It shouldn't be an issue of the state at all. The main reason it is an issue for the state is because they issue benefits to married couples. I would just say that we should eliminate benefits of financial benefits to married couples and let it be become more of a private issue. I personally disagree with it but why should I discriminate upon another persons personal choices?
  9. I guess maybe I'm not as well versed on the subject of gay marriage as I thought... I was under the impression that gays sought the right to be married in the sense that they would have the title of married and they would receive the same rights as heterosexual married couples.

    I didn't think a goal was to force Christian/Jewish priests to marry them.. I certainly wouldn't be supportive of that as that seems to violate religious freedom... I always thought gay marriage wasn't about the right to get a Christian marriage but rather for the right to be legally married in the eyes of the state with all the appropriate benefits etc. Can anyone clarify?

  10. It shouldn't be a goal for the Christian/Jewish priests to marry them at all. If it disagrees with their religion then they don't marry the couples. If the government had no say upon the subject due to the benefits being removed, the gay/lesbian community could start their own churches or something like that. A new branch of the christian denomination and call it the church of the rainbow I dunno..... This denomination would be able to marry couples cause its consistent with their beliefs. The state then would have to therefore have to recognize their title of marriage due to the 1st amendment. Basically I'm just saying the Gov should stay out of this issue as it is a religious one and eliminate all benefits to married couples
  11. I agree, mountybounty, marriage should be a personal issue and it seems like the state being involved just complicates things. However, as long as there is still legal marriage happening I don't think its right for homosexuals to be left out, if 2 people want to be joined then so be it. Religion is influencing this too much I think its awful that certain groups of people have such a big voice that they are influencing government to deny another group of people their civil rights. If homosexuals are allowed to marry I dont think that should mean that priests and the like should be FORCED to marry them, I dont think that would even happen. Separation of Church & State. the end.
    also, I think its wonderful when a person finds love with another person, so many people never do, people should love whoever the hell they want as long as they love someone!
    and that is my 2 cents.:D
  12. I think it has to do with love.
  13. haha i cant believe it your dead on. well actually i took it from his 'aids' standup part. its really my only response to anything having to do with gay penguin couples.
  14. Oh yes that's right, it was the AIDS bit. "Scientists say AIDS got started when someone had sex with a monkey.... Word?" lol. I love Chappelle, glad we're on the same page :D
  15. This story made me happy. :)
  16. So these two penguins actually fuck and what not? Or are they just saying they're gay because they're both male penguins and are both hanging out with each other raising an egg?

    Either way who gives a shit?
  17. Laugh out loud. Sounds goofy to you, even though many species have been documented to practice homosexual behavior. It's even been caught on film.

    [ame=""]YouTube - gay animals[/ame]

    But you have no problem believing that Lucifer is manipulating humanity vicariously through the elite. alright. :smoke:

  18. When I visited the Galapagos Islands, we took a tour of the Tortoise research center, where I got a photo of a homosexual animal couple:


    How do I know they are both male? Because that particular pen only housed male tortoises.

    They aren't snuggling to keep warm.

  19. AHHHHAAAA!!!

    I did not watch that clip my man; I'm pretty sure I've seen animals hump each other before. Lol.

    Listen, would you like me to run down the list of stuff I have seen dogs humping before? ahaaahhaahhhhhaaaaaa...:D

    I have seen my dog hump everything from a cat to a downed lawn Jockey.

    I once had a dog who would hump the first leg that stepped out of a car.

    Does that mean he has got a queer eye for ya? :p

    Have you every seen some of the stuff a goat will hump?

    I have never observed two male dogs pairing off to raise a litter of puppies.

    In fact two or more male dogs will form a natural hierarchy and even kill puppies.

    I have see tom cats kill a litter of kittens before but I've never seen two toms turn gay and mother a litter.

    I have seen a rooster tend to young chicks after the mother died and I have seen others kill chicks.

    I admit I've never raised penguins.

    I highly doubt that these two birds have naturally paired for life like the way a male and female pigeon will.

    If two male animals evolve so that it is natural to pair up, would that not be natural selections way of exterminating their bloodline?

    You people crack me up and worry me at the same time. :smoking:


  20. to quote samuel L jackson... the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence... gotta love the boondocks

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