Gay Marriage

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  1. I've been thinking more about it lately since the CA supreme court ruled to uphold Prop. 8...

    To me it's pretty simple:

    Gay people are gay simply because that's the natural sexual desire that they possess. The way I like women is the way a gay man likes men. People sometimes say 'it's a choice'. I don't believe it's any more of a choice for a gay man not to be gay than it is for a straight man to be straight. Sure, a gay person could conceal their homosexuality, but what does that do except destroy their own life and whoever else they involved in their facade? I do not believe anyone is gay because it's 'hip' to be that way.

    Denying homosexuals the rights that come with heterosexual marriage is therefore discriminatory. I see it as no different than denying two black people the same rights that whites have in marriage.

    Call it what you want; I realize that the term 'marriage' automatically gives the ultra-religious an extreme desire to talk about how 'sanctified' the institution is and how we as a society can't let it get all fagged up by including homosexuals. Whatever... Why not just give civil unions the same rights (as in all the rights) granted in heterosexual marriages?

    Anyone got an opinion?
  2. Well, I am gay and I can tell you that marriage is something I would definitely like to see in all the United States. Being gay is the same as being straight, except the fact that I like men rather than women. It is an enduring feeling, that never goes away.
  3. I am all for Gay rights, including marriage, right to healthcare, all that. After some research I also now realize being gay isn't a only counter to homosexuality would be that its not natural, at least in my eyes, because to me there isn't a correspondance between genitalia....that probably makes no sense but without being immature, its just that females are obviously meant to have sex with men, that is just the design/evolution of humans. There is no natural area for another penis to go in on a man's body....I dunno but yea they should be allowed to be married sorry for my rant
  4. why not if it makes people happy? does two people of the same sex getting married hurt anyone? No, so who cares let them be who they are. this may be easy for me to say since i think religon is a ignorant crutch but marriage is a pagen tradition not christian anyway.

    plus from my experience gays iv met are much better people than the Neo-cons who are against them getting married. Preventing someone from doing what they want because their gay is the same to me as discriminating against someone because of the colour of their skin or racial background.
  5. lol yeah I understand what you mean about the anatomical irregularity of it... All I know is that for whatever reason 1 out of 10 people, instead of feeling attraction for the opposite sex, feel attraction for the same sex instead. That's just the way it is, so let's just go with it :D
  6. I believe that gay and lesbian couples should have the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples. That is all I am going to say about this.
  7. I agree that they should have every right that we do. They're people too.
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    The debate over gay marriage is irrational and pointless. Outside of an irrational fear of homosexuality there is no reason to not allow gays to get married. I mean, really? Who cares?
    Neither is living in cities, driving in cars, surfing the Internet, flying in planes, or taking aspirin. Hasn't stopped most people.

    Also, since homosexuality occurs without intervention in every human culture (AFAIK, in every mammalian species too) and in the face of considerable social stigma (it's punishable by death in some parts of the world even today), couldn't you make the argument that homosexuality actually is natural, even though it's not as common as heterosexuality?
  9. Well Elton John is actually all for civil unions as opposed to gay marriage.
  10. Honestly, I don't really want to know about the bedroom habits of any particular group of people. Ain't none of my business.

    As to the marriage thing; religions can ban it all they want, but there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, and I see no reason to ban gay marriage based on solely secular values.
  11. That's why God gave gay men prostates.

    Just like the straight ones.

  12. Ewww :bolt:
  13. I'm not touching this with a 10 foot pool. These threads always get fuckin retarded.
  14. here is the main point to be made here. gay PEOPLE. They are people no matter what they do, meaing we should treat everyone equaly as such.
  15. Whats with the newbs resurecting threads lately?
  16. You bump the most random threads. js
  17. I drunkly stumble around GC.
  18. As long as it does not negatively affect anyone else, it should be legal. I saw something the other day about a scientist who found a "gay gene". A gene in your dna that actually "makes" you homosexual. Makes sense specially since there is homosexuality in other species. I dont see how another animal could "think" about being gay. But either way, to each their own.
  19. Gay rights along with abortion are two of the very few political arguments on which I have no opinions at all. Gays are who they are the same as I am who I am, and if they want to marry each other fine. If someone wants to "discriminate" against them and disallow them from marrying, I could care less. Same with abortion. Its a personal choice and no one has the right to decide but the person who is pregnant. So honestly, I won't be following this political movement.
  20. Gay people have demonic influences making them that way

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