gay dogs playing pool

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  1. billiards in a gay bar by vincent vinchenzo (1968) classic painting very famous

  2. They look pretty straight to me
  3. how are they gay?

    i dont get it
  4. I believe the artists point has been made.
  5. maybe its a test?
  6. i never knew someone who looked at a dog and said wow that dogs gay
    now some guys on the other hand...are clearly queer(not too hate, its just obvious by mannerisms,dress,speech etc)
    i don't see how it relates.. i mean we all look the same regardless of sexuality
    thats a point sure, we're fucking humans what do you expect..but people can still dress/appear gay because of their features/clothes:confused:
  7. Just look at that dogs bowler hat, clearly not gay. Straighest thing I have seen
  8. The way a person looks and dresses does not tell you anything about them. You can make an educated guess about personality based on appearance but that is all it is, a guess.

  9. While I agree, you have to admit some gay's make it pretty obvious the way that they dress. But it's not the case for all, just some.

  10. [​IMG]

    100% not gay ^
  11. the post never actually said the "dogs" were gay...just that they were is a gay bar..

    that basset hound = no homo ;)
  12. the one wearing a waiste coat with nothing under it might be a bit gay
  13. You know the three that are smokin are tokin on some dank shit!
  14. Hahahahhaa before I even clicked the thread I pictured a bunch of dogs at a pool table... Perfect
  15. fuck your differences, come together, and be gay!(merry.)
  16. [​IMG]





    Pick the gay ones out of this lineup.
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    2nd and 4th. But did you even read my post?
  18. maybe it'd seem more gay if the dude from the honey badger video was doing play-by-play :confused_2:
  19. Hahaha

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