Gave weed to homeless man (headies!)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tobad4ya, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Ok so i had this real heady joint rolled and i normally dont smoke joints only vaporize really. But i was going to bringing it to this MAN MAN concert.

    Things happened didnt work out so like i am driving back home, have this joint im wondering what im going to do with it since i really dont like smoking and then this homeless guy comes up to my car and asks for a cigarette and i told him i didnt have any but i had a joint. He seemed pretty happy so i gave it to him and he said 'well i woudlve proffered ciggs or money but this is great!' and walked off

    go homeless people karma!
  2. I remember seeing Man Man! My roommate did sound for them and I got to meet quite a few of their many members. I think I was high during the concert as well.

  3. LOL he's gonna go hustle that shit. Good shit though!:hello:

  4. MAN MAN is nuts!!!

    such a crazy band live they are so sick!

    ive seen them twice so far but not the third :(

    was high for both of the shows ive been too though!! :hello::hello:

    In fact got kicked out of one for smoking a blunt (in a church???:eek::eek::eek:)

  5. ha! Ha!
  6. Man Man is fucking sick. I saw them open for Modest Mouse a while back in San Diego... They come on stage and I'm just thinking "fuck another band I have to wait through" but after the first note was played everyone knew they were something different...
  7. DAMN DUDE. Nice. I remember I gave a homeless person my all my change and shit that I had on me. Like at least 1 dollar. Then he saw my hat and asked for it back. Couldn't do it though. I just got that hat.

  8. Yeah thats how i saw them too, opening for modest mouse. Totally original and like out of this world! great stuff

    (listen to man man!!)
  9. i was walking around with a big tupperwear full of regs and a homeless man asked for change, and i gave him a handful of bud. he asked if i had any papers, which i didnt, and he shoves it all in his mouth, not caring
  10. I don't know why I think that was so funny. Made me crack up just imagining that whole scenario.

    Give to homeless people yo. You would appreciate it if you were down on your luck!
  11. Most of the time I don't carrycash, so I don't have change. But I do give them cigs, or if they are posted by White Castle, I'll buy them a burger ortwo if I can spare it.

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