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Gave Urine/Blood test, am I screwed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tcbabcock, May 27, 2010.

  1. Today I had to give my blood and urine for a medical exam to get insurance. When asked about illegal substance use I lied about that and also tobacco use. I weigh 260, am 5'11 and the last time I smoked was a week ago.

    Will my insurance be declined or possibly worse?
  2. You're pretty much fucked.
  3. when will people get it through theyre heads that theres a difference between a medical exam and a drug test.
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    What was the test for? like a physical or an actual drug test? they should tell you which one it was for. there are a big difference between the two. find out which one your urine was collected for, if its for health insurance then its likely they will just run some medical tests and NOT drug test. but yes, if they are actually testing for drugs then you will be fucked
  5. just smoke some more to get your mind off the whole matter :)
  6. Ya, but if they asked about drug use then maybe they'll test for drugs as well.
  7. I suppose it was a physical. I gave urine and blood and had to answer medical questions. They took my height, weight, blood pressure, etc. What is the worst that can happen? Will I be okay?
  8. If they weren't testing specifically for drugs you'll be fine.
  9. yeah dude, if they didn't say it was testing for drugs then im pretty sure you're gonna be fine man. A lot of places take urine samples to run medical tests on, if it was a physical for health insurance then they were more than likely just running tests and thats it, no drug test. And even if they did test it for drugs, which i highly doubt, then the worst that could happen is that you would get denied for the health insurance, nothing else. You prob signed off on some paper that allows your insurance company to see the results, and they are the only ones who can. Doctor-patient confidentiality my friend
  10. If it's for insurance then they are testing your urine/blood to make sure you are a healthy individual (or not) so they know if you're more likely to be injured.

    I highly doubt they are testing for drugs.
  11. Yea man if I need to, a will give urine and/or blood, and I don't worry a fuckin bit about it.
  12. Yeah, you are boned. It'd be easier to clean out of your system if you exercised more...
  13. You're basically fucked, but did they tell you it was a drug test? because they're required by law to inform you if they're testing you for drugs...
    If it's just a regular physical you're all good though :hello:

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