Gave up believing in God.

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  1. Was never big on religion but believed in god. this past year, I just decided, I don't believe in him, so much negative in the world. It seems to just get worst as time goes on. There is no God. just the way i feel anymore.
  2. Maybe there is no christian god. No buddha, no polytheistic gods... I can't tell you what to believe.

    But would it change your mind if I told you my point of view? Or should I even waste my breath, spoil your ears before you want to hear it... Let someone else come along... I can;t do this today. You have to decide for yourself. Is life really worth living without a higher power inside you? Outside of you? Is it you? I think it is, but just because something is worth doing, doesn't mean I'm going to do it.

    Tell me what you feel.

  3. I would be interested in what you gave to say (your point of view). This is coming from a lifelong atheist.
  4. I think we know everything inherently, that we know everything that we need to know in order to make our decisions when we make them. I believe that 'god' is the fabric on the energetic universe, and to constrain to the few words I can muster wouldn't do it justice.

    I think there is no 'god' as the heretic masses see it, no all-encompassing deity that cares for our whims, trials and triumphs. We aren't that important.

    Yet there is a reason we (humans) have the ability to articulate ideas the way we do. We are building blocks. Building on ourselves, but not always in an upward direction. Sometimes we build ourselves as walls, simply existing without pursuing greater wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. There are spikes however in mans desire to better itself, look at history and you will see what I mean.

    The only real moment is now, everything else is a fable entwined with the fabric of space and time. So that must be the reason no matter what humans are 'learning' that we are no closer to agreeing on a unified theory of why we are. Because everyone's now is so incredibly different.

    The only logical conclusion I can come to is that my 'god' is that which provides this external stimuli for my brain to detect, the very energy that holds the universe (or multiverse) together. It is everything I see and believe in. All of you are my god, just as much as I am my own deity.

    I fear some people may call me a fool for this, but they aren't all of my god, just the part trying to better me. By challenging the way I think they are just as important as those who believe me and build me up.

    That is what I believe, besides the obvious fact that I know only a part of something's, and not really anything about everything.

    Do you see what I see?
  5. I don't know. After 56 years, well, to me, God is a myth, make believe, something to turn to in times of need or thankful. He's failed me, many times, never there, I actually feel better, since I gave up on him. Weird and strange, but things happened afterwards, to reinforce my new feelings toward this myth, God. I feel alot of mankind has given up also. I just don't feel it, never did. I'm not on any hate binge or feeling guilty, I just got tired of saying, why? Anyway, one night last summer, I looked up, and said, you're not real, and that was that.
  6. I agree. Most people abandon their god because they lose connection with them. I think it's that easy to lose touch because the connection wasn't quite real in the first place. The 'rush' of believing wears off, and you're left with ideals of a hypocritical deity.

    The whole point of my post was agreeing with you. To me there is no god, only existence. In lieu of a better term for my believing in everything around me, I used god.

    Maybe acceptance is a better way to put it than 'believing in'.

  7. the only one failing you is you
    this god by any name has never claimed responsibility for our bulshit lives
    it sounds like you need something to blame your failures on....
    instead of blaming some god you no longer believe in.....
    why not look and see what you can learn from the mess of your life....
    pick yourself up and make the most of that shit!!!

    if that god you once believed in ever was out wouldnt put you thru all this shit for nothing.....otherwise it isnt much of a god ....and you got nothing to blame it for ....

    if this god was never there to begin are still pointing the finger in the wrong direction.....its your life are the only one creating it!

    fucking own that shit already!

    take what you can learn from your mess and move on.....start making the most of what comes god will do that for you

  8. god is an idea....
    religion is/are the myth/myths people created to try and define said idea....

    much of what the world tells you about this god myth...the rest is conjecture and hearsay......:eek:;):smoking:
  9. I wish I could just reply with pictures wellp you get the point

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  10. Thanks for the response. Pretty abstract form of religion. Not quite sure I see it the same way as you, but I can appreciate your form of 'god'.
  11. Thank you mur, it's good to see some people can see where coming from. May I ask precisely what you believe?
  12. After 56 years, God failed me. Me a failure, naw, don't think so. Look around, open up, and you to will realize God is a failure. God didn't give me anything, the roof over my head,no, the food in my house,nope. God gave me nothing, but, this God has brought me grief, alot of sadness over time. Nothing wrong in believing in a being who does this, it's part of the cycle. Bottom line, after 56 years, I've given up on the man, called God. Tell me something, who is God? Really, who is he? Does he see what I see? Does he feel what I feel? Why believe in something when he can't answer a simple question, why?
  13. Some people are blind. Or determined to look the other way, take your pick.

  14. Can you answer why?
  15. What god promised you these things?
    The one someone else sold you....
    Or the one you found for yourself within....

    This is your life....god or no....
    The only one responsable for it is you....

    You may not get to choose all that comes your way....
    Yet you do choose how you will face it...
    How it will effect your life

    Does it make you feel better to blame your failed idea of this god
    Does it solve any of your problems to stew in your misery

    You are wasting energy trying to avoid responsibility
    Take the fucking wheel already....
    Accept that it is YOUR life and start making what the fuck you want from it!

    You are capable...
    You have what it takes....
    You just need to stop wasting energy holding yourself where you are...
    let that shit go and find what's next
  16. As an atheist, I still will never say there absolutely are no gods. I will say any god worshipped by man based upon ancient texts is totally irrational. I see no reason to presume there is a god until adequate evidence is shown and then still see no reason to worship said god. I am most whole as a godless person. It seems you have found the same. I'm happy you are happy.

  17. Nope, that's why i asked God, why?

  18. Sounds like someone can't find a reason to believe in himself. You don't need to ask god why, only yourself.
  19. That is so close to how I think sometimes its weird. Especially this - fucking own that shit already!

    Nothing I hate more than self pity and victim mentality. Be harsh on yourself and nothing can hurt you.
  20. I don't believe in God either, but that's a pretty crappy way to lose faith

    What would we learn if we had someone out their fixing all the problems we've created for ourselves?

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