Gave up $100 today.

Discussion in 'General' started by TokingWhiteGuy, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Today i was at walmart and some old guy got out of the car next to me and dropped his wallet on the ground and didnt notice.
    I looked in it and there was one $100 bill.
    I caught up the the old man and gave it back to him, and he told me that he just lost his job and that this was all the money he had to buy groceries for him and his wife, and he thanked me and whatnot.
    I coulda bought so much weed with that.
    Thats my good deed for the day :)
  2. sit back, toke up, and wait for karma to deliver your delicious just dessert
  3. props man. for real
    I woulda probably gave it back too..I can't take anything from old people

    but if it were anyone else, do you think you would've taken it?
    I would.

    but not old people
  4. Good job man, losing money always blows.
  5. good man....and everyone gives pot heads a selfish good for nothing wrap....shove that shit in their face!

    blaze it up man :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  6. Im glad you did that man. More people in the world need to be like you, brother.
  7. Cool beans man, Seriously you did the right thing, you would be surprised how many people would

    take the money an run, especially in these tough times.
  8. thats great. rep+ for you
  9. me and my friends walked into the grocery store once, and i shit you not, saw 180$ just spread all over the small carpet as soon as you walk in like a golden platter. after walking around the store we wound up giving it to the manager. and it was an old ladys money for food.

    we were only like 14 so it was real mature imo
  10. sIICK i once seen a guy drop a 20 doller bill on the ground, i walk up jack it and went over to him, i was like sir, he was like You just picked up a 20 doller bill of the ground, i was like yeah here, i go to hand it to him and he is like nah keep it, i just wanted to see if there was still good people in this world.
  11. Nice man, there is tough times for A LOT of Americans without a job right now.

    Everybody's gotta help each other out.
  12. Good going man.
  13. Good karma. Well played.
  14. Nicely done! :hello:
  15. What happens when you find a 20 spot on the ground with no one around?
  16. if no ones around and theres no wallet, i'll probably take it. if its in a wallet, im returning it. money's not real anyway, peoples feelings are.
  17. thats true, i lost my wallet when i turned 16, i had my health card and shit and like 2 months ago somone mailed it to me with a note, i was like shhiiit, i was blown away like 3 years later i get the wallet back with the same amount of money, picutres and numbers :p *playa playa"

  18. thats crazy, it must have just been sitting wherever you left it for a lonng time. or maybe that person just had it and suddenly decided to return it to you... weird.
  19. I bet the feeling you got afterwards felt worth more than $100. So well done!
  20. rep + and good stuff bro. that was really nice of you and karma will give you something back. it always does.

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