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Gave myself a haircut!

Discussion in 'General' started by Slater420, Jan 5, 2013.

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    So tonight I couldn't sleep and my hair kept bothering me. It had been getting shaggy. Heres an example of before and after. I don't think I did to bad.. now I just need to shave my face before bed :p

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  2. thats a solid buzzcut. you wear it well. you would look dashing with a beard.
  3. Nice job, i woulda fucked my shit up so hard...

    i cant even trim the pubes without cutting myself somehow
  4. I'm really thinking about it. Thank you I really appreciate that :)

    Acidphere, It takes patience. You must be one with the clippers :D I feel you though dude. Thank you guys!
  5. now, if you ever wanna up the ante a little bit and you grow out your hair, try cuttin it with scissors when its sorta floppy! now that takes some skill. i always scissor my shit. my dome hasnt seen a barber or an electric clipper in forever.
  6. Lookin good b!
  7. Haha a buzzcut is cutting ur hair but angstrom is right, its a lot easier than scissors. Still get that sense of accomplishment tho. Also ur able to say "i cut my own hair"

    Well this is unrelated but imo u shud shave ur facial hair because its incomplete and patchyish

    Its best to grow full facial hair or shave it down, that is unless ur in the progress of growing full facial hair
  8. I've been cutting my own hair for the past few years...once you get 'skilled' with the buzz cut, def start experimenting with the other blade lengths. Key is just to go small and progressive - going large to small and you would be surprised at how relatively easy it is to style once you get the stroke work down. Good job for your first buzz albeit one you did out of boredom, lol
  9. nice job, you do wear it well :smoke:
  10. im gonna have to disagree my brother. a bald face is unnatural for a man. i think shaving your face is sorta like shaving your head or your pubes or your legs. its not bad, but its weird.
  11. I don't even get enough hair to warrant shaving :(
  12. but hey, its you, so its beautiful

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