Gave my younger brother a firecracker.

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    I love how this night turned out.

    Just so you guys know before reading further - I am 31, my brother is 20, this is not a thread about peer/sibling pressuring some way-too-young person into trying weed.

    My brother and mother came from a few hours away for my wedding that just took place on sunday the 11th (on the beginning of our 14TH anni...phew), and we hadn't caught up for about a year and a half prior to that.
    Always a trip seeing my brother, the guy I remember as a baby now looking all adult-y face and all that.

    He doesn't really get into weed himself, though has had a puff or two of a joint with me int he past.
    So this time, myself and the lady showed him our Extreme Q and offered him some vapes which he accepted. Had about a half a bag, I wasn't about to push for more.

    At some point later on we were talking about edibles and he mentioned "if it's different" he'd try some. I explained it was far more physical in nature, and that it could be pretty overwhelming, though he was game.
    I made some PB/Nutella firecrackers with postvape.

    We went to watch "John Carter" tonight, and ate our firecrackers just as it started.
    I let him know not to be too concerned about how he was feeling just to ride it out, remember where the bathroom was etc, and gave him lots of water.

    Seriously nothing for about 2/3 of the film then it started to hit.
    A bit later, in the movie someone wakes up and says "John?" looking for where the protagonist is. She finds him standing on a balcony facing the other way, and as she approached him I said to my brother "Nope, Chuck Testa", and shit, for the first time in AAAAAGES I got into a giggle duel.
    Trying to both of us be quiet, for about a minute we held our hands over our mouths barely breathing beyond the trapped laughter.
    The joke wasn't making either of us laugh anymore - the trying NOT to laugh was working way better than that.
    I really badly needed to piss too, so between that and not wanting either/both of us to burst out laughing, I got up and walked to the back of the cinema.

    There I stood for the rest of the movie (about 15 minutes) absolutely BUSTING to piss to the point it was uncomfortable, still laughing.
    Then I dashed to the bathroom when it ended, and pissed about a litre.
    According to my girl, he kept trying to hold back laughter too.

    So we went for a walk after that, we'd booked dinner at a local Indian restaurant.
    Neither of us had their shit together at fucking all, so we decided to order some kebabs while the girl got some noodles instead of facing a restaurant dining experience.

    So he didn't want to go in and make an order, actually going in he was fine with just not attempting to speak to anyone, he kept laughing.
    Gave me his order and I relayed it.
    The brother chuckled again at this point, and while the guy was making his order I told him I'd be back in a moment.
    Laughed again as soon as I stepped out.
    I told my brother he'd have to wait outside for me as I couldn't keep it together either.

    I went back in, ordered mine.
    Then had to walk out again. Same process.
    At this point I observed my brothers eyes were so damn bloodshot that one of the sides of them looked almost pure red.
    We were both trying not to crack up again, when across the road I spotted a guy with a long grey beard.
    Hardly comedy gold, right?
    Turns out it was.
    I told him to try not to laugh at his look away...which he did, when I told him he'd still probably walk past and assume we were laughing at his beard anyways, then it got worse. I don't think the guy noticed at all.

    So I finally went in and got our order.
    By perfect timing my girl came out with her noodles not 20 seconds after.

    As we were walking to eat in the park, my brother said to me
    "Shit, this really makes me reconsider how I've always thought weed was fairly limited. This is like a whole other world, I just don't get why anyone would want more than this"

    I agreed. We all ate together and a good time was had by all.

    This was our evening.
  2. Wow! Sounds fucking fun bro! Edibles are sure one hell of a trip! Hahaha
  3. hahahaha that was funny
    I love laughing attacks like those sometimes haha, sounds like a good time was had with your brother.
  4. That sounds awesome, the thought of 2 grown men laughing in a theatre was enough food for laughter for me. Had a slight giggle at the image. Glad you had such a good time with your brother though, that's cool. :)
  5. Cool story, it reminds me of my and my brother because the age gap is like the same as yours but I'm still a teen and my little brothers 9 so it's like 10 years before haha
  6. Right on. Sounds like an awesome night my friend.
  7. nice! I can really relate to this story haha. I've been in public places high as shit with friends just trying not to laugh (very unsuccessfully) at people.

    Quality night man :D
  8. I can't wait till my brother starts smokin weed, he's in 8th grade now so it'll be any day now for sure.
  9. I love Firecrackers man it makes me wish i had a couple made right now.
  10. I dont mean to derail but i made firecrackers 2 times with abv and no luck. I mixed it peanut butter and put in oven for 30 mins and 340 degrees correct?
  11. [quote name='"nawky"']I dont mean to derail but i made firecrackers 2 times with abv and no luck. I mixed it peanut butter and put in oven for 30 mins and 340 degrees correct?[/quote]

    Yeah I did this same with, avb and everything, it didn't come out that well I think it got me high but I was also smoking

  12. Has something to do with the peanut butter you are using, you can't just use any type of peanut butter. I believe it has to be all natural cause it has oil that the weed dissolves into. You could always put some cooking oil on the peanut butter.
  13. that sounds awesome i wanna get high with my brother some day haha
  14. That would never happen with my brother and I. He doesn't even drink or go to the strip club...
  15. The ones I made were cooked at 110-115 degrees celcius (239 F) for about 45 minutes in a flavourwave oven.
    They were so immensely effective.
    Yeah it was a great night, good movie, good food, funny experience.
  16. That's why I love weed. Just watch in 30 years you're gonna look back to that day and remember how much fun you had. Then ur gonna hit up your brother and do it again :cool:
  17. damn man wish i could get that high again..
    remember those good ol' days having to hold back laughter and shit..
    Foriegn resturants aren't a great choice when your that stoned.
    i remember one time me and the ol' stoner friends blazed before going to see book of eli, but before hand went to eat chinese immediately after blazing.
    We all started cracking up at the table, between their funny ass language and mixing up their L's and R's the whole table was frantic silent laughter lol
  18. good point out with holding back laughter and laughing because of that fact solely. I love when i get to that point in my high with friends.

    sounds like a good night.
  19. Best way to bond with family.

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