Gave my last stoge to this girl.....

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    So here I am at the local community college hanging out and chatting during my 1 hour break between classes. I got drunk last night so I ended up picking up a pack of smokes, by no means am I an addict, to cigarettes anyways haha, so I pass out some stogies to the homies and some guy buys one for a dollar :hello:.

    I have about 10-20 mins before class and am smokin my last stog with my buddy and some asian chick comes up to me and asks for a cigarette. This just so happens to be my last one, not really caring I tell her "aww this is my last one but you can have it..." and she goes "oh no if you need it then it's okay" I laugh to myself and toss her the stoge.

    After she takes it, I give her the low down. I said "look since you got my last cig you gotta throw away the empty pack" this bitch laughs awkwardly and starts slowly walking away while I am handing her the pack. I'm sitting here thinking :confused: WTF and start laughing my ass off at this bitches lack of common courtesy / friendliness.

    Any other girl woulda gladly taken the pack, chatted, and probably would have S'd my D since it was my last stoge.

    Never giving any random a cigarette unless they tell me a story or provide me with something of mental value.
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    did you have to make it about skin color? she may have been in a rush bro. just feel me?

    edit: SHITS NO LONGER ABOUT SKIN COLOR...the OP is cool by me
  3. i always made people atleast tell me a story or something about their day if i gave them a cig. lots of people will just say forget it and be a dick like most people but you meet a lot of cool people that way.
  4. Why are you being racist?

    You should have just given her the pack with the cig in it.

    No better off you should have just been like "Get your own"

    She really didn't do anything wrong besides bumming cigs which pisses me off but a part of being a smoker is dealing with them.
  5. I didn't mean to come off racist or anything, I am Asian in fact. She may have been in a rush but still... I guess you'd have to see it to understand what I was going through.
  6. Maybe she didn't hear you correctly.

  7. you didn't come off racist man, I just don't think it had to do with her being being non-white. with that being said, that girl is lame and inconsiderate
  8. hows OP racist he just said it was a asain chick....... i but make them show you a trick like bending a light cig or somthing or tell somthing like a story

  9. Well he edited his post so it wasn't racist anymore.
  10. It's only as racist as you perceive it.
  11. It was pretty fucking racist and prejudiced dude lol. You stereotyped a whole group of people and a race negatively and claimed whites and non-foreigners were superior in that regard which is completely untrue. Don't even try to twist that. I hate when people are like "OH IT'S ONLY RACIST IF YOU LOOK FOR RACISM" that was fucking ignorant as fuck I don't care if you're asian or anything else.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. It seemed pretty justified when I was bumming stoges to plenty of people for stories, hemp wick, etc, and this one asian girl takes the last one and doesn't even leave a "no fuck your empty pack." I guess with my frame of reference whites and non-foreigners are superior in the regard that they have better manners for bumming stoges off of people.

    Ill admit to my ignorance though your right it was pretty bad, super hungover and hating life will do that to ya I guess.

    You believe I am genuinely racist because of this? This maybe the least racist comment made on grasscity.
  14. :confused:That was an awful story

    You gave a girl your last cigarette and she didn't want to throw out the empty pack for you...OMG LOL
  15. Bitches be trifling
  16. You should have thrown it in front of where she was walking as she walked away.

    At least you'd have some form of redemption. :p

    It's about the thriving cigarette smoking culture that is being shit upon by folks like this!
  18. I thought stogies were cigars?
  19. Strange*

    Edit: Stranger poonani for you n00bs :D
  20. Don't worry you weren't racist you were simply descriptive. These forums are crawling with butt hurt race card police looking to cause problems. They need to get lives and learn what racism actually is.

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