Gave Away My Dinner Tonight.

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Not that I really needed it. But, I get to take home free food from my restaurant all the time.

    I was walking home tonight. And out of nowhere this homeless man, who usually hangs out behind our restaurant comes up and asks if I have any food. Now, this guy is really chill. He's usually helping us clean up the dumpster area and such at night. And I usually give him like $5-10 of my tips just he can eat that night.

    His name is "Alabama", he has no teeth, and its very hard to understand him. He lives in the woods a few miles away, and its obvious that he's pretty mentally challenged. I was walking home with a huge sandwich, some hot tea, and a Gatorade. He asks if he could have it, since he hadn't eaten for 2 days. Of course, I give it to him, and he had to have thanked me about 100 times. I told him it was no problem. And he sat down on the curb and ate. I sat with him and talked to him for awhile. But, I had to get going, so I parted ways.

    Cool guy, and if you can understand what he has to say, he's very entertaining. :D
  2. thats really righteous dude. makes me feel good to hear people doing this kinda thing. i always give shit away to the homeless. if im walkin and i have cigs, ill hand them out like candy, i know its what they want, i just dont like giving change, mainly for the same reasons anyone else wouldnt, you just cant be sure theyll spend it on food and not booze. stilll, that was a very ritous act, and its stuff like this that makes our world a better place. i bet that was one of the best sandwiches that guy has ever had!
  3. That's awesome man, +REP for helping the people that are in need.... I hate seeong people pass by the homeless or just ignore them when they ask for change......i always try to help when i can..... Good Karma comin your way man!! :smoke:
  4. +rep for that. Thats awesome man. I am glad to see that in this cold hard world, there is still some good people.
  5. Homeless people always have awesome stories. I was biking down the bike path in my new city, and I saw a guy sitting on a bench by the river with a garbage bag and a shitty old bike. I went up and sat beside him, gave him a chocolate bar, and he told me how he became homeless in the first place. pretty tough life for those guys.

  6. i was pickin up some beer and a blunt
    and this dude infront of me dirty smelly and shit...was buyin some bread and milk and dropped a 5...i thought about scooping it up bc shit cash money you know...but i told him about it and the dude bought me a dollar scratchoff and i won a free ticket then with the free one i won 10 bucks...
  7. homeless people= urban prophets

  8. foreal. there was this multi millionaire homelss dude right by where i used to live. he walked the streets day and night and lived in some alley, but yet his bank account had millions in it. basically, he went crazy when his family died in a car accident, really sad story. all of these homeless people have so many stories to tell. imagine the shit they see being out on the streets day and night.

    same with hos.

    just kidding about the hos.
  9. i always chill with homeless people...once i saw one infront of a mall, walked back out with subway, and asked him if he would mind a grinder and maybe sitting down for a little bit...i feel really bad about some of the homeless people around here...+ rep man
    EDIT:need to spread first
  10. +rep man. Good call.
  11. Thats so heart warming haha.

    +rep but I've gotta spread it around.
  12. thats wassup, i gave this neighborhood bum a 20 sack last night because he already had some kfc ... he's a really intellectual guy too, especially for a bum.
  13. O man your a FUKIN saint. +1 rep for bein a good GUY!
    I would've done the same.
  14. You're the MAN, Henious!! Since, he's there all the time anyway, why don't you offer him a job? Don't you pretty much run that restaurant you work at?

  15. What he said.
  16. Good shit man. The world needs more people like you. The few nights that I've kicked 40s with the local winos always turn out much more interesting and rememberable then when I get trashed at some party.

    One time I stopped at a redlight and some hobo had a sign, and on the sign I noticed he had written 420 on it. I called him over to me and dropped a fat nug in his hand. He didn't stop thanking me until the light turned green.
  17. hell ya man!!!!

    i have been working at a resteraunt in downtown denver for about a month now

    and for the first week or so they fed me because i was in training, i never once ate those meals lol

    i ordered triple burgers everytime..........and always to go

    there is this guy over by the platte river (bum hang out lol) and he is way chill always smelling like weed and shit.

    anyways hes got a big ol husky so i gave him the food one day, then other randombums other days

    its pretty easy to tell which homeless people are legit, and which ones just wanna buck for some crack or soemthing

  18. that's pretty crazy, people would probably try to give him change and he'd be like nah i'm good
  19. Awesome job man. Very kind of you,definitly a Kevin thing to do haha.

    Good to see there is some other good people in the world.
  20. i sold the winning raffle ticket to my aunt for my high school raffle, so i won 100 dollars for me because i sold it, an i went to the baseball game downtowm that night and there was a homeless guy who was a veteran from WW2, an he told me his story of when he was in the war (he was really old an we all know how long old people stories are) well i started to give the guy 100 bucks, but then i gave him 80 cause i wanted some weed :) i thanked him for the service he did for our country and told him how i had aquired the money, and he thought that was pretty cool, and really apriciated my gift to him.... but he didnt look foolish like some do, he still demanded respect, real beastly guy.....

    btw he used to be a paratrooper and he got shot 3 times, and the fucking government lets great people like this live on the streets, makes me fuckin sick

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