Gave an ounce to my friend.

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  1. Finished my second indoor grow over a month ago (NL from nirvana) and yielded around 3 ounces from my plant which was a bit more than I expected. Since I don't like my bud getting too dry and don't feel comfortable dealing/not in need of money too bad, I hooked my good friend up with an o. :smoke: He was pretty stoked, it was either that or I would have threw it away probably.
  2. nice dude. what was wrong with it that u didnt like it?
  3. Uh you could have made Marijuana Brownies or something and that would have been an amazing experience with an ounce, or at least thats what i'd do rather than "throwing it away."
  4. A bit after a month my bud seems to get a bit too dry and harsh.

    I kept it in a ziplock baggy inside of a mason jar since that's supposed to keep most of the air out but idk it seemed to get a bit dry still. Any ideas for storage?

    @Drifting, not a fan of edibles, either vape or smoke for me.

  5. If i were you i would just put it in the jar w/ no bag
  6. bake man. bake some of that
  7. Does it matter how old it is? I guess I might try edibles next time or just sell it if I feel fine with doing it.
  8. when it dries out just roll a shit ton of blunts

  9. Its cause you're not curing it right. And drying your bud properly in a warm dry place and then putting them in brown paper bags gives it an amazing taste in my opinion. But after they dry and you put them in jars, you want to make sure to open them. Open them once a day in a dry area for 5 minutes them close them tightly. Do this for about a month and a half and your bud is dry and smooth, rather than harsh.
  10. ..Can I be your friend? :confused:

  11. If you grind it down really fine and make cannabutter out of it then you can put it into anything, no matter the age, because there are after all still tricromes on the bud. The bud tastes bad to smoke, that doesn't necessarily mean bad to eat.
  12. Lucky dude, you got some good vibes around you all, I have an o in my closet as well right now so times are good, but i did have to pay for it! :smoking:
  13. Let's be friends :D
    Haha but seriously that's way cool of you. Interestingly enough I have a long time friend who is very similar to you. He's going to be harvesting in a couple weeks (if I remember correctly) and according to him he is simply going to have too much for his own good. He was growing it for his own use medically and is not interested in dealing so he told me he'd flow me an o for free! He was telling me that if he doesn't do that, all this bud will just sit there for too long since there is physically no way for him to smoke that much. I'm pretty stoked about that so I think I can speak for your friend when I say you're an awesome dude!

  14. I look forward to the day when a story like this will seem commonplace. I remember my grandfather giving tomatoes to all the neighbors when his plants had too many fresh ones to possibly keep for himself. When we can all grow legally, it will be such a pleasure to grow and share openly like you did.
  15. Good shit man, I pass out a free zone every now and again if I end up with too much.
  16. i have to say you must be a good friend
  17. Yea usually me and my buddies each trade an ounce off each of our yields to each other for variety.
  18. You keep giving oz's out someday you'll get a Free Ferrari or better. :smoke::cool:
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    -rep (not really lol) for even thinking about throwing an ounce of bud away:rolleyes:, and....

    +rep for hooking your freind up:cool:

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