Gave a homeless man a $50 dollar bill today.

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  1. I had this friend once that I used to play when I was a little kid, his father was this huge guy that used to work with metal like a blacksmith or something.
    When I was there for dinner he would sometimes bring a homeless guy from the street, help him clean himself and sat him on the table with his family to eat. Afterwards he gave him some food and a ride.
    First time I was shocked, man. I've never interacted with a homeless guy before, and that kinda changed me.
    He was a great guy, man. One of the best I knew in my life. RIP.
  2. In my religion you can't discus charity, now i understand why.

    btw khalram, your sig is against the rules. .gif

  3. Thanks for the heads up, man. I changed it now. :rolleyes:
  4. 5 years ago i was turning myself into the police for some rather serious crimes...i had just a few bucks to my name and i gave it all to a homeless man. it was only around 25 bucks or so, but shit i was getting locked up and he needed to eat so i'm glad i gave it to him.

  5. What is it that you now understand?

    In my religion one just is not supposed to boast about their alms. OP isn't boasting.

  6. And he was going to spend it on a few days worth of weed...
  7. [quote name='"bromojoe"']

    Haha, I have super low rent, live by myself and make around 4 grand a month, so it's not really that much. Should I have asked him for change? Plus I was feeling spontaneous and am a huge animal sympathizer.

    Ya I do know, but those people are to far in between the shitty ones who only think of themselves, if every person helped one another even in the smallest way imaginable every day, this world would be a much better place. The post was more of a rant about society, then it was to make myself feel good about myself by getting all these "Oh good for you!" replies.[/quote]

    4g's a month is a lot. What do you do?
  8. homeless people make bank yo...switching professions, NOW!

    on a side note +1 for you.hopefully he didnt buy a magical bag of crack
  9. In my town, there's these people with a lot of money, that will make themselves look poor and desperate. It's how they get a lot of their money lol. You got to be careful who you give your money to, but it's cool to see someone who cares. Peace out man.
  10. Sometimes it's easy to look past homeless folks...they're more or less invisible to a lot of us. Some of us are disgusted by them, some sympathetic, some scared.
    Though sometimes we have these momentary breaks away from our selves and our lives, and we can take a walk and notice someone we've never noticed before, could be we're on a good day, or even a bad day that makes us stop and actually think about one of these people.

    A lot of people seem sold on the idea that it's just about not having a job, or not wanting to work...I'm sure that's true in some cases, but I don't think all that many.
    I mean, it's not really a life you'd choose in the first place is it - maybe the ones that don't "dig themselves out", can't?
    I've been unable to get jobs before, and that's WITH an employment history and proper access to a bathroom, showers and a half decent's not really a stretch to see the odds are against them there.
    That's the more "normal" ones too.

    There's also the mentally deficient to consider, or the ones that do, and have been drinking so much that they'd likely suffer near toxic withdrawals if they were to stop suddenly.

    Sure, I don't like that if I were to throw a few bucks to someone they might use it for alcohol, but they MIGHT use it for food, or something else that makes their shitty life a bit better.
    A lot of them DO have dogs, funny thing, usually the dogs look better fed than them - there's a reason they stay loyal to these "bums", these animals might be their only friends.

    If I see a homeless person, I usually don't give money as the change I carry wouldn't really be worth it - and no, I'm not really in the financial category to give a bunch of cash away.
    Though I occasionally go shopping for 'em.
    Buy them a burger and some coffee, hot donuts, fruit, something to keep them warm, and something for later.
    Gave a guy a joint once.
    This is what I do. I'll try to have a chat if I can, let them know to hang about and wait for me - and go get them something.
    I'm not a rich guy, I'm in and out of work - but even on my "poor" days I tend to think they have it worse.
    No tv. No internet. No roof. No showers. No comfortable bed - all luxuries that we just "have" in most of our lives.
    We get our net cut off for an hour and we go stir crazy, imagine living that as your life.

    I'm ok to provide a little assistance where I am able.
    If they have a dog or companion animal of some kind I will usually load them up with a bit of food for them too.

    Here, some of the homeless folk make money selling a magazine thing, I buy those too. At least I know they get half.

    I try not to judge.
    You can't help everyone, and sometimes your help isn't really help at all, but you might help someones day go by a bit easier.
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    I build carbon fiber boats. I'm on hourly and work 50 hours a week minimum, sometimes its around 70. It's the overtime that really does it.

    But looking back, it would have been smarter to buy him some food, dog food and other items. I just didn't think about it at the time and was on my way to an appointment. Next time that's what I will do though for sure.
  12. every homeless guy and his dog are gonna be hanging by your house
  13. OP, what you did is truly great. not many people would do something like that.
    i sort of had a similar experience 2 years ago during the christmas holiday. i was on my way to work. i saw a homeless man over a street air vent that was blowing some warm air out. not far away was a McDonald's. i took the 10 minutes to go across the street. i ordered a double big mac, salad, and extra large hot coffee. as i began to walk in his direction, he took a glance at me then looked away. i stopped infront of him, squatted down, smiled, and said merry christmas. he literally began to cry. and thanked me more times than i could count.
    sure, it took a small chunk of money and time from my life. but the good feeling is forever.

    i am sure you are sharing that same feeling. weather he used that money for food for himself and his dog, or drugs, booze, which ever and what ever combination. you showed him there is still good in humanity, and gave him light, in what is likely a dark and bleak life.

    bravo to you man! dont listen to what others say. you did something great.
  14. Me too, and then I gave him my car.

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