Gave a homeless man a $50 dollar bill today.

Discussion in 'General' started by bromojoe, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Oh yeah, he had a dog with him, that's why you did he. People don't about other people. We live in a society where we value enslaved animals over our "fellow" man.

  2. You were just saying that I hope you know you just helped him buy a couple day's worth of booze, and now you say this? That's a complete contradiction, which implies that I am incompetent for giving him money yet you say no one cares about the fellow man. And how is the animal enslaved? And I sympathize for others that are trying to look out for another life that they value. I gave him the money to help himself, and the dog. Get of your high horse man. Seriously.

  3. I gave a guy a ride up the street the other day who had a sign that said "need money for space ship parts" he said that it freaks people out and kinda chuckled about it.

  4. Don't worry about Demiurge, man. He's like Grasscity's own personal black cloud.
  5. Alright, I won't. Thanks cook! Besides I didn't create this thread to get into arguments. It just pisses me off when people start implying things that are completely wrong and start saying hypocritical shit.

    Hahahahahaha, that's fucking awesome! Good on you for giving him a ride.
  6. You should change your username to fruitypebbles.


    Naw, but that's cool that you hooked up a homeless guy with $50. It's too bad you couldn't toss him a little more though so he could get a fleshlight. You know he isn't getting any pussy, except maybe from the dog...

    I want to give a homeless guy a fleshlight now.

  7. Is that a gay joke, sir? Cuz if so I'd like to tear your ass up :ey:


    But nah really Fruity Pebbles taste like wet construction paper
  8. Nice move OP. I know there is a lot of pessimism amongst public opinion with a move like this, but the bottom line is you helped someone today.

    That alone is a hell of a lot more than 99% of people can say on any given day.
  9. I understand where your coming from because I feel really bad for homeless people because their lives suck but at the same time why can't they go to any fast food joint or gas station and get a job? There are definitely jobs you can get anywhere. It just depends on what your willing to do.

    I have a couple of friends from high school that aren't homeless but they can't live with their parents anymore so they just bounce around to anyone who will let them stay at their place. (I have my own place and were all 20ish)

    I feel bad because they don't have money to do anything or money to match me on any bud so sometimes I smoke them up or even buy them stuff from mcdonalds or something and I know I shouldn't but I just feel bad. It's a tough thing sometimes.
  10. he'll be drinkin nice tonight
  11. That was a nice thing to do. I've helped out a few homeless people before by buying them sandwiches. A lot of the homeless people in my area are addicted to hard drugs and I know if I give them cash its only going to those drugs that put them on the street in the first place. It's different when they have a pet tho
  12. I did that about a month ago or so. A homeless guy was pushing his baby stroller, (what they use here in Oakland to collect cans & bottles) & had a beautiful pit bull on a leash & I gave him the five bucks I had in my pocket to help feed the pooch. The dog was just show quality beautiful & obviously wasn't used for fighting, no scars or ear tears.
    As for helping the less fortunate folks out, I do when I can. Usually about the time my Soc Sec. check comes in.
    I see guys in the gas station pumping gas or doing windows for a buck & they get mine cause they're willing to do more than just stand there with their hand out.
    Here in the 'hood' I see a lot of low income folks with hearts much larger than their wallets. Black, Mexican & whatever who are really kind hearted & qualify for the heart of gold category.

    You don't have to be well off or rolling 7's & 11's to extend a hand.
    Was it jesus that said casting bread onto the waters:D

  13. If you tell it just might encourage others to do the same.
    I can usually tell when someone is seeking glory. Blowhards are easy to spot, they usually give themselves away &
    occasionally they get elected.:smoke:
  14. And then he bought a pack of smokes and a big bottle of booze.
  15. This one time I saw a bum sitting right by the basketball hoops at the park I usually play at. I asked him if he wanted to make some money rebounding the ball for me while I put up shots. I paid him $10 for the one hour that I was there.

    I don't know why but I felt kinda bad afterwards.

  16. And what if he did buy a pack of smokes & a bottle. It doesn't sound like the money was given so the guy would turn his life around, invent the next greatest thing or win the Noble Peace Prize.
    Just maybe it was given to make a day or two just a little bit easier.
    Not looking for a pissing contest, just saying:D
  17. i gave a bum 5 bucks once in the pooring rain. i wonder if they actually use it for useful things or just go grab some dope with it.
  18. Good for you op! Well to contribute to society :)
  19. wish i had $50 to give to someone.......i'd give it to myself.
  20. I generally don't give homeless people cash because I would rather them not be drinking or doing drugs. A lot of them are not entirely 'there' and could be dangerous if drunk or stumble into the street, or hurt someone or some shit. Plus I would rather my money go to something they actually need, so I just tell them to wait there and bring some food back to them. If I'm not busy though.

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