Gave a homeless man a $50 dollar bill today.

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  1. I saw this guy with his dog on the corner today and I had a 50 in my wallet that I was going to buy some bud with. But i was like fuck it, he obviously needs money more than I need bud. The main reason I gave it to him was because of the dog, I have a dog and if I lost her because I couldn't take care of her I would be incredibly heartbroken. Even if he does spend some of it on booze(he did not look like a tweaker at all so I wasn't worried about him spending it on something along those lines,) I don't give a shit. It's what gets him through his shitty life. When he looked down at the bill I gave him, his face lit up and he thanked me unconditionally and went straight over to his dog and gave her a hug. I told him to take care of her and he said he would. I mean what the fuck is this world coming to when we have people driving million dollar cars, and then there are people begging on the streets, children even, wondering where their next meal is going to come from, or even at all. There are many rich people out there who do help, but for every one of them, there are 10 that don't. A smart man told me one time, you can't help everybody but you should help the people that you can and I try my best to live by that and really think that everyone should. This is the reason that I have no hope for humanity, everybody is so fucking greedy and only worries about themselves, I mean seriously? What the fuck is wrong with everyone. Would it kill you to help someone out? I mean even the little things like stopping so someone can merge or even holding the door open for someone. Fuck people man, fuck em.
  2. Hey man a lot of people would walk straight by and think nothing of it once they got their bud.

    Gotta respect someone who gives a shit
  3. [​IMG]

    50 dollars is waay to much imo.
  4. The greatest thing man can do...Is help someone and never be known for doing it.

    That said, I'm not bashing your story...I commend you actually. However, do know, people do great things for other people everyday...Most just don't talk about it.:cool:
  5. Now he's gonna pick up some rock instead of you picking up bud!
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    Haha, I have super low rent, live by myself and make around 4 grand a month, so it's not really that much. Should I have asked him for change? Plus I was feeling spontaneous and am a huge animal sympathizer.

    Ya I do know, but those people are to far in between the shitty ones who only think of themselves, if every person helped one another even in the smallest way imaginable every day, this world would be a much better place. The post was more of a rant about society, then it was to make myself feel good about myself by getting all these "Oh good for you!" replies.
  7. I would have just bought the bud...
  8. What a good guy you are:)

  9. ahahaha, lol'd.
  10. good for u man, really. i gave a homeless lady 20$ a week ago and she also had a dog with her. but i didn't get to see her reaction when I gave it to her because she was sleeping. i was just really hoping that it didn't blow away after I left, being that the box she left out for people to give her money was quite shallow and it was windy out.
  11. Hope you know that money helped him buy a few days worth of booze.
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    Patrick Bateman knows how to handle the homeless and their dogs.

    [ame=]American Psycho - Hobo scene - YouTube[/ame]

  13. And?

    That doesn't mar the fact that the OP did a very noble thing. Most people in this world couldn't give a shit about their fellow man anymore, and you've got OP here sharing some good news and people are shitting on him for it.

    Grow the fuck up.

  14. As i said in the OP, I don't care we all have our certain fixes that help us through the day. As long as some of it went towards that dog, I'm okay with it.
  15. Deffinitly nice of you to do that man :smoke: But when I lived out in the city for some reason every homeless person with a dog would use the dog to get money for dope because some people sympathize for animals more then humans
  16. Personally I prefer to hang out with homeless guys than give them a bunch of money. They do alright most of the time, what with soup kitchens and random 5 bucks here and there. What they need most I think is someone to treat them like a human being.

    Not that you didn't do a great thing OP, just saying my two cents.
  17. I do not believe so, I believe that those people are more plentiful than the ones who only think for themselves. Of course, I could just be naive as well...But, if I don't believe that the good people far outweigh the bad people, who will?

    Everything great started from one man's choice, even if the choice was ridiculous at the time...But, if every man scared away from their perceived "Ridiculous" choices, we wouldn't be here today.

    Or we would be living in Nazi Germany, well, perhaps still under a monarchy of some type.:cool:
  18. Ya I feel ya, but it seemed like he actually cared about the dog when I was walking towards him he was sitting with her and giving her all kinds of love. Telling her he loved her and petting her.

    I would have hung out and chatted with him but I had a tattoo consultation to get too. I will def do that next time though.

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