Gauging My Ears

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  1. Well I just moved from a 18 to a 16 just because I lost one of my earrings earlier today and these are all I had. I hadn't planned on gauging my ears yet but they're in and I might as well start now. I was wondering what size order you went in (if you skipped any sized or not and which ones). Thanks for your help, oh and also how long you waited to change to the next size :smoke:
  2. its called stretching, gauge is the size, and plugs are the "ear rings."
  3. I know people with something like 16mm stretchers. But I don't like them That big.

    I think your supposed to start around 1.5/2mm then every couple of weeks stretch it up a few.

    I wouldn't get it done myself but I think around 5/6mm looks pretty cool on certain people so go for it man.Just in my personal opinion big ones suck
  4. I never skip sizes. I'd rather not blow my ear out and have it end up looking like a cat butt. I waited about 6 weeks between stretches, longer between bigger sizes. If I go any larger than now (0g), I'll be using taping method since it's easier on the ears.
  5. In my town its called gauging but I guess its different lingo every where and I'm not doing it with "plugs" I'm doing it with the horse shoes then moving to plugs (maybe).

    And GoldenGinge, yea right now I'm starting at 1.2mm (first ones I put in other than the ones I got my ears pierced with.
  6. I forgot the sizes cuz I stretched mine about a year ago

    But I'd start reb stretching after a week

    Right now I'm at 9/16 I belive not sure

  7. I remember skipping a size here and there at the beginning stages...but now Ive lost track..I think I was at a 8 moving to a 6....???
  8. I'm looking to move all the way up to a 1/2 inch

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