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Gauging ears questions??

Discussion in 'General' started by InhaleExhale716, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. So I'm really wanting to get my ears gauged as of lately. Problem is i need to get both of my ears pierced. The left use to be pierced but some how it just randomly closed up?? Any ways i was wondering how long it would take till i could start the process of gauging?? I'm guessing a few months to get on the right path because when you first get your ears pierced it will take 6-8 weeks for them to heal. What size taper and gauge should i start off with 14 or 16?? Does it hurt to gauge ears?? Can i leave a certain size plug in my ear if i don't want to go bigger?? What material is best for ears?? Acrylic, Metal, Wood, etc?? Any help would be great thanks members!! :) SMOKE ON!! :smoking:  :bongin:  :metal:

  2. Ok so first off after you get your ears peirced they need to fully heal. When I did it I only waited like 6 weeks and then started but its different for everybody.
    As far as what size to start at most studs are 18 or 16g but regardless you should be fine going straight to a 14.

    How long you wait between stretches is going to vary. Up untill a 2g you can probably size up every few weeks but always make sure their fully healed (no pain, blood, or puss and your able to pull gently on the jewelry when their in your ears.) Once you get to a 2g however your gonna want to wait more time between stretches because blow outs are pretty easy to get if you rush it.

    From 0 onwards I did one stretch every month untill 3/4s where I blew my ears out and had to downsize to 5/8s (the size right before).

    I never really went past 1 inch but you really have to wait between sizes here or you could seriously damage your lobes.

    Also 00 is mlre or less the point of no return, if you dont want holes in your ears however long down the line dont go past here.

    Good luck and try not to hurt yourself!

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  3. Also once yout lobes are healed you can wear any kind of jewelry but when their not you cant go wrong with stainless steel or stone, but plastic is fine too

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  4. I agree and disagree with the previous poster. I am at a 00. My ears were pierced at 3 months old so they were LONG healed by the time i started gauging. My best friend wanted to gauge to a 00 as well, a tattoo shop in our city pierced him at a 12. It will hurt a shitload more than standard but it will also jump start you if you want to go big fast. As far as point of no return it all depends on your body, a good friend of mine could fit soda cans in his ears and he shrunk them down in about a year and a half to a size 10. he may need to get lobe surgery but that isnt too bad, i guess its an in office procedure where they freeze your "extra" lobe, cut it off, and sew the remaining two pieces together, doesnt hurt much more than the actual strecthing.

    My personal advice would be when you strecth buy tapers, go slow, dont try to do big jumps, i usually went right in order. wait for all pain, soreness and redness to be gone before your next jump (i waited at least a week after all pain subsided.) play with them constantly teh day before a jump, lightly pull on your jewelry, try adding little things like sterilized safety pins (BUT DONT CUT YOURSELF!!!) then when you jump heat your ear with teh hottest water you can stand, a little vaseline on your lobe and they should slide right through. Dont force them because if they bleed it will make for a longer heal time, Also like the previous poster said you dont want to blow out because it hurts, looks shitty, and makes shrinking back down harder. 

    Good Luck!!!!!
  5. I'm planning on getting my ears pierced tomorrow. I'm going to gauge my ears, so this was a cool thread to check out. Good luck OP. I plan to go to either 4, 2, or 0's with my ears.
  6. I havent read anything so sorry if its been said

    Id wait at least 3 months to start stretching, and when u stretch try to go up size by size, it might be costly but its so muh better for ur eaes in the long run

    Wait 3-4 weeks between stretches OR, IF U CAN SEE a little gap between ur stretcher or its loose go have a shot at stretching. Use bio oil on your ears to make them healthy and supple and break down amy scar tissue

    My ears were 26mm, took em.out for a while coz the earings i was wearing hurt my ears..left em out for a few weeks and my ear couldnt even get a 10mm taper in. But they are easily stretched after youve already stretched your ears.
    My ears arent dangly or out of shape, they have a small hole the size of the O on your keyboard or a tiny bit bigger.
    So yeah

    Stretching is so addicting

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      if your ears are no longer pierced and you intend to go to a larger gauge in the long run, may I recommend going to a piercing/tattoo shop and seeing how large of needles/jewelry they carry.  I have seen needles up to an 8 gauge; a clean cut of a needle is much less damage than starting with a small piercing and stretching repeatedly to a larger size. Do not skip multiple sizes when increasing in size and make sure to properly lubricate the jewelry before stretching. This will prevent damage to your ear and be much less painful. I use antibacterial soaps to lubricate. Let them heal completely in between stretches.
    As far as my jewelry preference I prefer glass and surgical steel for cleanliness purposes. Acrylic will begin to smell no matter how clean you keep your ears. I also have to have a double flare.
  8. Dermal punch. :angry:

    I dry gauged my ears to 00 in three months. While not advisable, I did not suffer any keloids, blowouts, etc.

    Enjoy yourself.


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