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    I made two bongs out of the two bigger Gatorade bottles and on the side I put the top ends of regular water bottles to fit the downstem in. The downstem is an Empty metal flashlight (So basically an Empty metal tube). The end of the tube screws on and off and i have fitted copper mesh in a nice bowl shape so it makes a very great bowl. The two smaller Gatorade bottles are percolators that i have made them to be able to screw onto the two bigger Gatorade bottles, AND the smaller percolator could be screwed onto the other percolator to create a double perc bong!

    What do you you all think? Screenshot_20170831-055936.png Screenshot_20170831-055943.png Screenshot_20170831-060001.png
  2. Looks ghetto AF smoking through plastic is gnarly bro, save up your money and get a glass pipe/bong.
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  3. Get away from stuff your not supposed to smoke out of. Shits bad for you.

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  4. Smoking out of plastic is terrible, I'll wait for the articles how plastics needs to be heated blah blah, the point is why do you think they dont recycle plastic to makes bongs? Exactly.

    Not to mention you're wasting your weed, not getting the full benefit by using that, it's not airtight no matter how much glue and tape you use, over time, plastic degrades, another reason they advice not to refill water bottles. Add heat? That degradation is faster. DIY bongs should be made from glass, and glass only. High school high.
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  5. I always break my bong when I am drunk :( Currently using a 2 liter bottle as a gravity...I know I suck.
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  6. Gatorade bottles are for pissing and jerking off into not smoking out of.
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