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    I think itd be interesting if GC does a gathering on stickam for an internet meet-greet webcam smoke sesh! i skype with my friend who lives in a diff city and we r still able to smoke together cuz of it. i just think itd be cool to have like a cyber session! hahah
    and make it like a webcam chatroom aha

  2. thats fuckin' ill. 
  3. You wanna cyber? :ey:
  4. haha i mean shit id be down to blaze up with fellow GC members! lets make this happen!
  5. Things could get greasy
  6. [​IMG]
  7. hahahahahaha ill take a hit to that one!  :bongin:
  8. but fo reals tho whos down to fuckin blaze over skype or some shit tonite!

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