Gathering Of The Vibes

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  1. anyone going/been to the gathering of the vibes?  I've really got into that scene/the music lately.  I went 4 and 5 years ago for the drugs but haven't been since.  But I'm really excited to go this year since I'm really into that type of music and culture nowadays.  It's coming up like a month from now.  If anyone wanted to go with me I'd probably be down because I have no one to go with but I'd probably go alone either way.  Does anyone know about parking and much money I'd need total to go for 1 day.  Peace  :hippie:  :wave:

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    Make sure you catch John medeski while you're there!
  3. Make sure you catch John medeski while you're there!
  4. Vibes, we vibe like a Indian tribe, smoking on that grass I call the Indian pride, brunette with c cups ill stick ma dick in her thighs, and if you act like a bitch then ill nut in your eye.
    I just had to send out my positive vibes, now you try..

  5. We are going friday - Tedeschi Trucks, and phil and friends, cant wait. Last year was a blast. And corny or not, there was a lot of that hippie good vibrations going on. It was 'grass city', pun intended. Way cool.

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