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  1. I am absolutely DYING to grow my own crop, but I want to find out as much about it as possible first. The plant I wanna grow is Northern lights, but I don't know if I'm aiming too high for a first time grower? I've been bunning since the age of 14, but this is the first time I've contemplated growing my own. I've looked at books, but the ones I've seen make the whole operation really complicated...buckets and O2 and WTF????? and weeding the male plants and breeding (and how do you tell the sex of a plant anyway???). What's the easiest plant to grow and how long is it ususally until they're ready to sample???? And do you need to dry it out first or what????
  2. The males have little pollen sacs and the females tear-dropped shaped calyxes. NL#5 is a great indoor strain. Yes you need to dry it out first and it's ready to smoke about a month after harvest.
  3. Start out growing in soil, either in pots or outdoor in the earth. Keep security your number 1 priority. NL is a good one to start with, so is Top 44 which has a quicker growing time. If you go outdoors, basically you need seeds, germinate them, stick them in the soil, water them they NEED it, remove males at flowering, harvest your plant, allow to dry for a few weeks, and then enjoy.
  4. see, this is how much I don't know!!! LOL, what do u do when u harvest them - pull the whole thing up, or pull off the buds or what??? And does a plant flower more than once?
  5. When you harvest a plant cut it as close to the soil as possible. Cut off all the big fan leaves and hang it upside down in a cool, dry room for a week.

    Yes, a plant can be revegged to flower again.
  6. An indoor set-up can be revegged if you know what you are doing.
  7. Absolutly......but it is tricky,,,and you have to sacrifice a few potent chutes to regrow....


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