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Gateway Theory is not BS

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bubonic kronic, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Its funny to hear so many people so very adamant on the fact that marijuana is not a gateway drug.

    Bullshit! The culture surrounding marijuana often introduces you to new drugs etc.

    Me and my buddies all started our drug experience in gr9 with some MJ. Nowadays through our groups friends related to MJ we have tried the following drugs that we would never had tried without the friends we made through MJ.... acid, coke , ecstasy, salvia.

    I don't care what people say I know through my experiences that marijunua definitely helps lead on to the use of harder drugs.

    Now is it marijuana's fault? HELL NO! If it was legal these shady people would never have been involved in my life.
  2. so if someone where to ask you why you tried acid,
    you would tell 'em MJ made you do it?
  3. The only reason I refute the gateway theory is because it IS NOT marijuana's fault, in the end its your decision to do whatever other drug comes after marijuana. You know the consequences of doing coke, are you really going to say "It was pots fault, its because I smoked pot." No its your fault, its your decision don't blame it on anyone but yourself.
  4. Yea but the only reason it's a gateway drug is because the people who deal in marijuana usually also deal with other drugs. Hence the reason it's a gateway drug is because of the very laws "protecting" us against its use

    Anyways, the first drug I tried was acid so is that also a gateway drug?
  5. Well the main reason I tried it was to experience a new high because I like MJ's high so much.
  6. Obviously it was my decision to try other drugs but my point was the MJ influenced my decision.
  7. And if you had tried acid first then you would have tried marijuana because you liked the acid experience so much.

    This is ridiculous. The simple fact is almost no one views marijuana as a "hard drug" so it's the first thing they're willing to try and when they see that just because something's illegal doesn't mean it's bad then they branch out. However, when you look at people who started with other drugs the same exact thing occurs. There is absolutely nothing inherent in marijuana that makes it a gateway drug. End of story.
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    marijuana is easy to get & use...If they like it & want to go onto harder drugs, they will....Like coke

    Bungee jumping is easy to do....If they like it & want to go onto more intense thrills, they will....Like skydiving.

    So if marijuana causes people to do coke then bungee jumping causes people to do skydiving?

  9. Like someone on here said once. " marijuana is not a gateway drug, but being a dumbass is." Yeah buying from dealers might put you in contact with people to get hard drugs from but as long as your not a dumb ass and realize that cocaine, ecstacy, and other drugs are NOT the same and alot worse for you than weed then your fine.And part of it is the bullshit DARE info they give you that makes it seem like all drugs do the same thing, make you "high". what does weed do make you high, what does PCP do make you high, what does meth do make you high. All three of those have completely different effects. They lump weed in with everything else.
  10. marijuana is a gateway drug. people don't like to believe that there is anything bad about weed so they lie to themselves. sure you can bring up the caffeine is a gateway drug bullshit but just take a look at the fuckin website youre on, its dedicated to MARIJUANA and it has stuff about other harder drugs all over, even a forum dedicated to it. so yeah, its probably the biggest gateway drug
  11. The bottom line is, you just can't be an idiot, know whats okay and whats not okay, just set boundaries.
  12. Its said to be a gateway drug because SOME people smoke it every minute of there life and eventually get tired of it. Thus wanting to experiment with harder drugs, and most of these harder drugs are EXTREAMLY addicting.

    If i smoke marijuana i will not go and look for coke right that minute. But if i start smoking marijuana every single day, and every single hour of that day, then i will defenitly get tired of the feeling and want to experiment with harder drugs.

    Trying to be biased here. I have had some friends that did what i just explained above, and are now without jobs and live horribly.

    Respect the herb, if you feel like you cannot go without it for a week then you probibly have a problem. This is why it is considered a gateway drug, along with it being illegal.

    RESPECT :smoking:
  13. the "gateway theory" isnt a theory as much as it is an excuse for weak willed people to blame theyre bad decision making or weak wills on something other then themselves. if you smoke MJ responsibly, then good for you, lets rip a bowl sometime. if MJ made you do coke or heroin, you are weak willed. it is nobodys fault but your own for your poor decision making. tons of people smoke pot without doing any other drugs.. no offense, just my 2cents.. :smoking:
  14. The thing is, if you want to do other drugs you're going to do other drugs. There are plenty of marijuana smokers that only stick with marijuana. Meaning that it is a gateway drug for some people but not others. Although, if your first drug experience was alcohol or shrooms or something which led to other drugs, could those also be considered "gateway" drugs?

    There is no physiological evidence to support that cannabis makes people seek out other substances. And the social aspect is highly subjective.
  15. For some people it is, others it isnt.

    I've smoked weed, and tripped mushrooms.

    I havent done everything that has been available to me. Dont blame MJ that you are doing/ have done other drugs.
  16. Alcohol is the real gateway drug, but everyone in the media and government is too afraid of them and their ad revenue/ legistlative power to speak about it.

  17. People blame it on marijuana because it is the easiest to obtain, most peoples FIRST illegal drug, and the fact that its everywhere and the DEA doesnt like that...
  18. you act like you have no self control. you choose to go on to harder drugs its not like it was forced on you.
  19. People are going to have natural levels of addictive personalities. Some people are going to move onto harder drugs/develop addictions regardless of marijuana.
    In fact, the argument that the situation/people you meet because of marijuana making it more likely to get addicted to other drugs is a perfect example of why it should be legalized. If the earlier statement is true, that is because marijuana is illegal, and thus you are forced to do business with drug dealers and other such criminals. By definition this group of people are going to be more involved with other drugs so yes, you will now have more exposure and access to said drugs. Meaning the gov't is putting citizens in a potentially more harmful situations instead of providing safe and legal means of procurring marijuana.

  20. You just proved yourself wrong. Marijuana does not make you want to try new drugs, THE CULTURE SURROUNDING IT DOES.

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