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  1. Am I the only one who sees the utter stupidity of using the "gateway drug" theory as an argument against legalization of marijuana when if we assume that the gateway drug theory is real (hence "theory") then the only reason for the "gateway drug" theory to exist is because it isn't legal in the first place? :confused:
  2. The only thing it's a gateway to is my fridge.
  3. I think this has been discussed everywhere but here I go;

    The gateway theory is a fallacy because it stands on too many assumptions about the habits of people. So by taking one (illegal) drug you fall into a slippery slope into other harder drugs is just too far fetched. So going by that logic, if I drink water then I can also become an alcoholic.

    The gateway theory is just plain wrong - it assumes too many variables.

    The only way I see it as a gateway is because people have to deal with the black market to get their goods and by doing so they get connected to other physically addictive and damaging drugs that only exists in the black market.

    The other way is that they are misled into thinking that if cannabis is harmless even though it is a schedule 1 drug they assume that other schedule 1 drugs aren't as bad.
  4. being high makes me wanna get higher...and higher...and higher....until weed cant make me any higher. in my case it slightly opened the door for other drugs.

    but i think its gotta be in ur personality to begin with

  5. I got to admit that marijuana did open the door for other drugs in my case like LSD but that's basically it. I don't touch anything else.
  6. It's not the drug itself, but the people you get to know once you start becoming a frequent cannabis user.
  7. agreed...before i smoked pot i wouldnt be able to get any drug even if i wanted to try it.

    now you name it we got it haha
  8. If people want to smoke weed... then let them.
    If people want to take drugs... then let them.

    Just dont be so braindead to lay away your personal responsibilty and blame it on dear uncle herb...

    C'mon guys :confused_2:

  9. THIS... Its like seeing something you like on the internet, ordering it and when it gets there, it comes with a list of all the Other different products sold...

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