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Gateway Drug?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eltoro, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Ok ok ok so bear with me im pretty baked, but like what if marijuana actually is a gateway drug but only on certain disposition of people. Like people who enjoy being active while stoned, like running or working out or something, are like the only people who go onto useing like meth or coke or other drugs that get you amped and shit. I like i think that makes some sense right? Why would people who like been blazezombies and couch locking and shit go on to using shit that gives you energy up the shiz.

  2. There are some people that get bored of weeds effects because they smoke so much, and their tolerance goes up. They aren't as high and the effects are weaker. They want stronger drugs so they move up onto harder drugs like those.
  3. Marijuana isn't a gateway drug. Just happens to be the first drug everyone starts 1st in experienceing it. I've done powder, opiates, weed, and mdma, because occasionally I look for the strongest high. Sometimes, weed just doesn't do the justice. Depends on why you wana get high. Weed = relax. mdma = party . opiates = little bit of both. sometimes i get hyper, sometimes i just nod out like a dead person. powder = depends on what its cut with
  4. Gateway drug? Nah. The curiosity of the human mind is the only gateway to other drugs.
  5. Well, you also have to bear in mind that there are many different variations of cannabis that have unique effects (Sativas tend to be "uppers", while Indica strains usually give you the couchlock effect)

    Basically, it just comes down to the individual. There's nothing about marijuana itself that makes people turn to hard drugs.
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    Yea and squirtguns are the gateway toy onto harder toys. Most kids will have a squirtgun fight and have a good harmless time. Then you have some crazy kids who will say hey i found a hand gun in my dads drawer and im gunna shoot little ralphy he he he.... We all know its the squirtguns fault because if squirtguns were banned ......

  7. Yeah like you see my point. It comes down to the individual.

    I remember getting peer pressured into squirting. I just had to get my next fix
  8. In a way, there is no way to prove or disprove MJ is a gateway drug. Everyone believes the government is right because they are higher authority, but really they are wrong.Although, who are we to say the government is wrong? I mean, it's obviously bias but everyone is different. It effects people differently so if they want to do hard drugs than it's their part of the addictive personality trait. I've done MJ for ten or so years and I don't want to do anything stronger. But I have done opiates, which are about as hard and addicting as some things. Never have I been addicted to anything besides soda, and I smoke tobacco ocassionally, but not because I am addicted.
  9. Guys, I am addicted to air. I can't help but notice that air doesn't get me high. Sounds like I need to start snorting rat feces. It's the only logical step forward in my personal human evolution.
  10. yup, it def. is a gateway drug like caffeine. First you start off at starbucks, next red bull, after that 4 loko, and then cocaine. jk man there's no proof that it is and you could say that any other drug is a gateway to something else. from my exp. I just love herb and have no desire whatsoever to try anything else because everything else is not only worse for ya body, but also the highs would be too intense for me.
  11. a lot of the belief that weed is a gateway drug comes from the strong positive correlation between other drug use and pot smoking, people mistakenly think one causes the other (impossible to conclude from a correlation, you can only way you can assign causal attribution is from an experimental design). i'd be willing to wager most hard drug users have drank milk, does this make milk a gateway drug?
  12. The only thing I've ever taken was good ole cannabis. The only other thing I'd even consider is another all natural thing. An unmentionable fungus. (Don't wanna get in trouble saying it.)
  13. Tobacco is the gateway drug

  14. Whats funny is that marijuana is never usually the first drug taken. ITs just the first illegal one. Most people start out with caffeine. Today kids are starting out with Ritalin. Only god knows how many drugs we pump into our bodies, even as kids
  15. I'm guessing more people start out with weed..

    But anyway, no it's just a coincidence weed is not a gateway drug lol, usually you start climbing a pyramid from the bottom step no?
  16. most people in my area started smoking ciggys at 9-12 then weed at 14-onwards
  17. 9-12? Ahaha..

    Well I think in general people try weed before tobacco, I'm guessing you live somewhere rural?
  18. edge of melbourne in australia
  19. yea you get tired of weed, because it doesn't "fuck you up" like it used to. So you move up to pills or whatever. I'd consider it a gateway drug, only because it always starts with weed, then moves up to harder shit.
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    Gateway theory was disproved years ago,I don't even now why people keep bring this up?It's like,do you still believe smoking weed makes white women want to fuck other races but white? Or if your smoke a joint,your going to murder your family?or jump out a window?No.just get over it :devious::bolt::bongin::smoking:

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