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gateway drug

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by fashionable420, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. People seem to think that weed is a gateway drug for other drugs.. does anyone agree or disagree? i dont believe it is.. how do you all feel ?
  2. nix


    absolutely impossible

    can't be

    wholly untrue

    fascist propaganda
  3. well are you strictly pot or have u tried other things since smoking?
  4. Many many years ago i tried amphetamines once. But then i was really drunk on beer. So you could say beer is a gateway drug (since i was drunk on beer the first time i tried weed as well).

    However, meth was not my kind of trip. Too, er, active. So ever since I've just chilled with weed'n'beer.
  5. since it's been legalized in holland 'harder' drug use, i.e. heroin has actually statistically gone down, disproving the gateway theory. i have tried mushrooms once since starting pot, but this is not quite a 'hard' drug, and probably not something i'll keep doing..the fact that i had friends doing shrooms was probably more influential than the fact that i smoke pot, shrooms and pot are totally different things.
  6. aargh! not this old crap again.
    how many times must we see threads like this.

    i'm going to keep it short (because i've done the full length answers to this so many times now)

    if it were true, then how would people account for the fact that the majority of pot smokers only smoke pot and its their number 1 "drug" of preference!?

    the effects of this gateway theory only exist as part of prohibition. take ganj out of the black market and you take it away from other harder substances.
  7. pot is as much a gateway drug as is Riding a Bike, taking a math test in grade 7, or having a girl turn you down.

    all things we did before getting into hard drugs, and all equally unresponsible for said drugs.

  8. Actaully i was thinking about that last night but all i did was smoke more and was straight!
  9. O ya, I also forgot that i think it depends on trher persons personality.
  10. i have an oppinion on both sides of the story... weed is a gate way drug because many people start off with weed and get bored of it and want to try other harsher drugs.... but weed is just a little old herb and many people end up staying with weed....... i dunno... it is a gateway drug and its not...
  11. It's really not. if it weren't for the fact that we weed lovers gotta buy our sweet chill from some more or less criminal elements, who make a bigger profit out of harder drugs, we would not be exposed to harder drugs at all. it's the current anti-cannabis rule that make cannabis users suspectible to trying other drugs. not the weed itself.

    And as already mentioned, beer is a gateway drug. For all you know, you could become an alcoholic :)
  12. The main reason almost everyone that's into drugs other than weed did weed first is... because it's just there. It's very readily available, and so harmless. I would guess that if someone were the type to want heroin, they would do it whether they had ever smoked weed or not.
  13. yea all good points above,there is no way on earth its a gateway drug ,when ever i smoke and the buzz kicks in theres no way on earth any stoner would even think of harder drugs and i dont like to call it a drug ,herb is a better word...
  14. Weed is a gate way drug... It opends the gate for an open mind and spirit......

    Other drugs are used by people because weed isn't the high they are looking for...

  15. Yes. But also i think people using harder drugs are having other problems they try to escape from by getting wasted on alcohol or heroin or whatever. Danger is, that kills people. Weed don't but then again, all of us here knows that.

    And not calling weed a drug, but a herb. Yes, i like that. Herbs the word :)
  16. its a gateway drug for one reason - ITS ILLEGAL

    Once you find out how good weed is, and that all the gov does is lie about it, you may think, well hey! if they lie about weed, maybe they are lieng about everything else!
  17. I dont agree at all! I have been tokin' for 4 years and have NEVER tried anything else!
  18. i would say it can be a gateway drug. i would also say alcohol and tobacco are probably more guilty of that though. I don't think I would have tried other drugs if i didn't smoke weed first. you gotta test the waters before you jump in.

  19. hehe not me!.........:) i accually tried weed b4 i tried alchohal..but not ciggys....:) luv ya!
  20. Weed could be considered a door to harder drugs, but so can the TV, books, statues, even carpet! Anything that effects the train of thought or has the capability of making you think, can easily lead to a number of things, including drugs, and harder drugs.

    the whole gateway expression in itself is just arrogant.

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