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Gateway drug for real...? or conspericy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaguy420, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. do you think it is... i've found myself using different drugs since i've started smoking but only since the high hasnt been as intense... but now that i stopped for a week... i just want the bud and not the hassle of the other drugs... i can get weed at the drop of a hat... but trying to get anything semi-harder like shrooms is a total bitch so i dunno if it is or isnt...
  2. just a myth people that use harder drugs usually start out with alcohol cigs and caffiene before they go to weed and then to harder drugs
  3. OH ME OH MY!

    do i have to dispel this myth AGAIN???????/

    ok... here goes (i should really have this all writen down on a notepad on my desktop)

    The Gateway theory was created by the propagandists. and no i don't just mean they coined the phrase. The effect is real... but don't blame the herb. It is created by the situation that has been created by the drug laws, drug "ed" and the very nature of the black market and dealers.

    If someone was selling you cannabis there's a fairly high probability that they may have other substances to sell to you too.

    Since cannabis is the most widely available prohibited substance, theres a good chance that it will be the first anyone tries. ... but the thing they 'forget' to tell you is that most people will have already tried chocolate, coffee, tea, cocacola, tobacco... heck... even breast milk! It's like they are trying to say... if we got rid of cannabis completely no one would ever try any of the ilegal substances, haha! yeah right.

    And in Drug "education" there is always that air of ... "ALL THESE DRUGS ARE BAD!" and so, since the first of these you'll most likely come across would be cannabis... when you try it you realise the lies you've been told about it. this then sets the user up for an utter distrust in the authoroties who have already been seen to be lying... So could they have been lying about all the other stuff too?!?! and viola! gateway opened. All the bullshit they been told flies out the window and they are left with a desire to find out for themselves, wich is very honourable considering they have no concrete knowledge in their mind about such things.

    and that's the main part of the gateway theory in my mind.
    the "If they lied to us about cannabis, maybe their lying to us about heroin" type situation.

    See what us WAWODs are up against. The Antis are smarter than you think. by making these substances ilegal, they have not only managed to vilify them... but also create other situations that simply make matters worse... then use this worsened situation for their means aswell.
  4. The only gate there is that when you find out that it doesn't make you insane, you don't get horrible pains if you don't smoke etc. you start to wonder well if they were wrong about this maybe they were wrong about that. I've taken other stuff but never before I've heard what it does and read stuff about it. But I have my limits that I don't cross NO Smack Cocke or Crack. It depends on what you're wanting from the stuff most people who end up junkies just want to get their heads fucked up badly, A.K.A abuse of drugs. Valiums, Diazepams, ritolin etc. are also drugs but they're just legal drugs. I'm 100% behind of mind altering drugs. Lsd mushrooms peyote I haven't done any of them because I don't feel like I'm ready for them yet. weed is not a drug it mellows things out and gives different perspectives to stuff. Well any one they said at one point that over eating candy is a gateway to marijuana use.
  5. i dont want to come off as im supporting the gateway theory, which im not, but im just looking at it with a diferent view...

    before i ever smoked up, i never really paid attention to the shit that the DARE people told me but it did get stuck in theback of my mind... i always was like 'ill never do any of that drug stuff... and now i've been smoking for 4 years with moderation, but for about 3 months straight, everyday, i've smoked and the high has been getting weaker, even when i buy and smoke more at one sitting....

    so in the last week where my tollerence was the highest i was looking for harder drugs alot more then i normally do... i've tried about everything except heroin... but back when i smoked rock it was kick ass since it was a different high, but it was the most addictive thing i've ever done... and i broke off from smoking it, but not cause i wanted to but because i didnt have any and so i figured that i wouldnt do it anymore, and now last week im looking for fucking blow cause im not getting high....

    so i dont know... personally it kinda is and isnt a gateway drug... im happy with weed, and always will be, but i love the more intense high.... i love the things that weed cant give you.... the colors, thoughts, feelings that hard drugs give you... i dont know im not going to quit.. fuck that... im always going to be looking for partys, and will do anything thats on the table at once if i feel up to it...

    yeah thats enough of my mindless rambling...peace...
  6. I think it all depends on which drug you try first if you drink then it will be drinking but if you smoke it will be smoking if you do coke it will be the coke i guess thats what i think
    cuz rather all potheads like it or not some potheads here are talking about doing meth and shrooms which shrooms really arent bad they're still another drug which means it's true even though those people might not have started off with weed...
    So it's safe to say it COULD be a gateway drug for some people I know it isn't for me though... still gettin ripped off 3 bong rips here...
  7. i was reading a study one time, about how they came up with the "gateway" theroy...what happend was when the talk with the herion addicts, lots said that they had smoked pot before. so they then just related that pot was a gateway drug, those who smoke pot will become junkies.....which is a load of crap...if you want to get technical could say tobacco is a gateway is a gate way's all the propaganda machine rollin...
  8. yeah that gateway shit can be partially true ... but its based on a bunch of bullshit ... and the statistics show that in places in the world were cannabis have been legalized ... harder drug use has actually gone down ... its a bunch of propaghanda ..

  9. I ADORE your response, Digit! My beliefs exactly.

    Regarding my additional thoughts: My first illeagal drug was weed. I'd tried cigarettes a few times before, but not regularly. I was introduced to pot under unusual circumstances when I was 15. Due to further circumstances I didn't smoke it regularly until a few months later, when I was 16. At the time I had just earned a bunch of money working over the summer and could afford to keep myself well stocked.

    Then my parents caught me. We'd never talked about drugs or anything at home, though I was a DARE grad who was extremely angry and disillusioned. My Dad's response was that he didn't want me doing it because it was illeagal and he didn't want me in trouble with the law. I accepted this answer as reasonable. However, my Mom gave me the classic "Because." answer when I asked her why I shouldn't do it.

    For the worse, not being able to smoke pot (I was then ignorant of ways to cover it and was too afraid anyway) led me to ask my dealer what could I take that my parents wouldn't be able to smell. Thus began my 3 month long affair with crank, meth, speed, whatever.

    I never thought about the consequences of crank for even a second. Though I got a lot of math homework done in that time, it wase the most stressful thing I've ever done to my body. The only reason I was led thorough any "gateway" was because I was no longer able to do my drug of choice. I'm not saying that's right, but it was my logic at the time.

    Since living on my own, my drug of choice is weed. I have tried things like LSD and shrooms out of curiosity, but have come to the conclusion that all I really want is weed, a bit of alcohol now and then, and shrooms maybe two or three times a year.

    Basically, I just wanted to tell my story to backup what Digit said. Pot can be a gateway, but it only becomes one out of its illegality and the disillusionment many feel from "the man".

    When marijuana is available, legally, this gateway will become much smaller. There will always be addictive personalities who seek every thrill, but imagine if you could buy a bag legally at a local, regulated, store. What are the chances that guy would have crank, herion or worse to offer you as well? The illegality of mariuana creates its dangerous side; there is no inherit danger in marijuana to justify illegality.

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