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Gastoparesis, fibro and a new job

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Annette77, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Hey yall! I am new here and use this as an alternative to pills as my doctor warned that my condition (gastroparesis) could put me on a feeding tube with continued use. So ive been smoking daily for about three years so I can eat and keep my food down. I also use it for fibro and lupus pain. I just received my esti license and am very concerned about how my condition will progress without this but need to start applying for jobs. I dont know if i should try to cleanse for a week or two with supplements, fiber (which im not supposed to have much of) and moderate exercise and possibly detox products or should i try to push through for two to three weeks and go completely clean? I have already seen a minor spike in some symptoms and have not smoked in two days. Should i just get a clean sample from a friend? This whole process is making me very anxious but I need to start applying for jobs soon and not sure what to do. I dont want to aggravate my conditions. I have managed to stay out of the ER for almost a year. I weight about 100 pounds at 5'1", am moderately active, and eat very clean. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I don't understand what kind of license you got and how it applies to job searches. Your situation is a tough one. If a urine specimen is needed perhaps get one from a clean friend. Do you know if CBD alone would help, or do you need the THC? I'd hate to see your condition worsen. Best of luck to you.
  3. I just got my esthetcian license for skincare. This particular field is random about drug screens from my understanding. Not all employers will screen at hire. I do not live in a mj friendly state and concerned I will have a hard time finding a job if I start applying and have to randomly test. I didnt think about CBD oil. Thank you for the suggestion! I have tried it once for nausea at my sisters and it curbed it a bit. I will have to go get a vial for myself and see how i do. Thank you again. :)
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  4. Congratulations on getting your license! I have a friend who does the same thing and does well. One other thing you may consider. If the employer requires a drug test I don't know why you couldn't say you smoke on occasion and will wait to test clean for employment. I doubt they would continue to test you unless there are work related problems. Obviously these are off the cuff suggestions. I'm in an illegal state and three hours from DC which is a bummer! Please keep us posted.
  5. Annette my god girl, your my idol. I don't even see how your even working. So I got what you got and you can add neuro pain from my hips down to my toes 24/7. Had e-coli 3 years ago lost 30 lbs haven't gained it backed mostly on bread & rice now. But for you, go get em, lots of luck to you.
  6. not sure what state you live in, but it doesnt really matter. As of right now and who knows how far into the future, employers can test for marijuana if they want and fire/not hire based on the test result. Your best bet would be to find someone in the same field and question them about specific companies, ect. I know that I worked for a retail company as a general manager, for 5 years and only got tested when I got hired, never once after that. Most places will only test upon application and then maybe if you get hurt and try to file a workmans comp claim.

    So what you need to know is if its a pee test or not. It most likely is a pee test, as those are the cheapest most readily available. Pee tests are super easy to pass, the last one I took, I just had a friends kid who wasn't on any medication (thats very important!) piss in a cup for me. I hid it taped to my inner thigh (yes it hurt like a son of a bitch to take the tape off) and just poured that in a cup. I had a little flask with a temp strip on it, so I knew it was body temp when I poured it in. Viola, I passed. I was legitimately nervous as hell, because I just haven't ever had to do anything like that, but it worked!

    So yeah, in short, gotta find out if they test or not first off. Then, most people need a solid 30 days for it to be gone from their system. only way for you to know for sure is to quit smoking for 2 weeks, and go to walgreens and buy a home test. Aim for 30 days. The shakes and stuff dont really work...if you have to do something, fake pee is the way to go if you dont get too nervous.

    Good luck!
  7. There are only a few states right now that protect its patients. In MN unless the job is in threat of loosing a contract because of your use or uses federal funds can you be in jeopardy. Putting this to the test soon myself. In fact I have already tested it for state education assistance, no tolerance policy on cannabis use until I showed them my card, end of issue.

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