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  1. I have one of those food dehydrators - the ones you make beef jerky and fruit roll-ups and dried herbs in. Can i use this to cure my stuff? It basically circulates heated air - adjustable from 95f to 155f- and dries out whatever's in it. If i keep tabs on it to make sure it doesen't dry into dust, can i use this to quick cure?
    Also, if I were to aquire a 10lb-20lb co2 tank, what kind of nozzle would i get to distribute it in a closet?
  2. heat breaks down thc, not a good idea.
  3. Good thinkin on that one ^^..Thats why we use lighters to light weed :)
  4. do you use a food dehydrator to cure your buds?
  5. THC breaks down at around 200 F. just put it on a low setting, and it will be fine. i dunno wether or not it will make it any harsher or not, i've never tried it. let us know how it works out:)
  6. Yes, please update us if you attempt this, hehe. I have one of those things laying around my house, but I was always afraid it would take my ganja faster than my friends!!

    <----I think I might test it out one nug and compare with old fashion curing on my next grow, hehe.

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