gas station pieces

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  1. are they pieces of shit? ive never even seen them for sale in a convienience store, but i kind of want to get a low cost mini bub. i have no way of getting to one of the headshops a few towns over. so should i save my money till i do?
  2. livin with the rents. :(

  3. ship it to the UPS STORE
  4. ^^^^ or see if a friend ( One you trust ofc dont blame me for your dumb act) and have it shipped there

  5. yeah that way would be cheaper(free)

    the ups store charges 5$ per package

  6. that's what i do
  7. Have a close look at it. There are lots of gas stations and convenience stores in my area that sell import glass... and one that sells prodo American glass. The import stuff isn't worth a dime.. the American stuff is worth the 20-50 dollars it will cost.
  8. part of my thinking about going to a gas station was because im broke as fuck atm and about $15 is my budget

    man, having a job costs a lot of money
  9. Where the hell do yall live to be able to buy shit at a gas station? lol Ive never been to any gas station that sells any type of pipe or bong or anything.

  10. So be happy with a gas station piece for now:smoking:

    The gas stations around here actually have some pretty cool stuff at times. One very small grocery store here has Killer pieces. The owner dosen't smoke, but listens to what we tell him we like, and tries to stock accordingly:D

    Specialty blown glass is freakin' cheap in my area:smoking:

  11. a lot of gas stations sell pieces now..and hookahs not to be racist but usually if they are owned by middle eastern/Indians they will have glass for just have to ask and show i.d.
  12. Yeah, I've seen pipes sold at a few gas stations, some of them have pretty cool pieces (although usually its cheap chinese glass). Anyway, I say if its all you can obtain/afford its worth it. Smoking out of glass beats any other form of smoking imo. Also, around me, I can go to a gas station about half a mile down the road that sells liquor, beer, pipes, and the best fried chicken ive ever had 24/7. Gotta love New Orleans :D

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