gas station/ kwik e mart

Discussion in 'General' started by yellow bic, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. ok so i just moved from where i used to live, to a new town about 40 miles away.

    i dont really know anyone here yet, and dont really wanna get to know many(ill be moving soon again)

    anyways i always go to this gast station that is a striaght shot down the road from my place.

    well on the way home last night from visiting all my friends, i was ripped. so i decided to stop by and by a drink at the gas station which i now refer to as my own kwik e mart

    its always the same two guys, and im always stoned hah.

    anyways, we always make small talk and whatnot, always asking how business has been and just bullshittin. well last night my eyes were so bloodshot and so were his, i told him i was tired even though it was clear i was ripped (smiling) and he said do my eyes look like im tired? i said ya, even thought im sure he meant he was stoned

    so next time im in late at night like that, im gonna ask if he wants to blaze.

    anyone got a cool little store like that around them?

    im always buying blunts and papers there too
  2. I remember when i was like 11 me and my buddy went to the gas station around like midnight and the whole placed smelled like ganj and the guy was like sorry kids the exxon guy is a little baked. haha

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