Gas Scooters

Discussion in 'General' started by seeofgreen, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. It's funny how many kids have them around my house.

    They go up and down the street like small gags on them,like 10 in a

    To bad i'm to big for them,they look fun as hell
  2. dude this was one of the funniest things ever,

    me and some friends were walkin through town and this maybe 35 year old dude was putting some gas in his scooter. he said he gets chicks with it, and he was tryin to show us tricks and shit. then we go our separate ways on this long path, and 10 minutes later he comes flyin by on his scooter and says he was going the wrong way. it was funny as hell at the time -_-
  3. hehe omg now I know I'am a stoner....

    I just myself being stoned as hell wanting to ride a scooter, lol

    " Dude I wanna ride one "

    " Load another bowl.. "

    " Ok! But I still want a scooter "

    Continues to talk about scooters with friends
  4. lol, im gettin a car :p
  5. i want a scooter. haven't got a need for a car, but putting around town on a scooter...

    hehe, one of the "oldies" at my pub rides around on a scooter. he got it as a 50 years birthday presant from us all. funny thing is watching him in a full MC leather outfit and helmet putting around on the 50cc scooter :D

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