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  1. High folks...
    Here in michigan we are up to 4.09 a gallon and it continues to get worse..
    Post what state and prices you are seeing...
    I think its a damn shame that they cannot cap the prices and the gas companies are profiting numbers that most of us cant even imagine....

  2. 3.53 for premium here in Dfw, well to the west of ft worthless.
  3. I just burn calories

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  4. around 4.00 here in socal
  5. Here in NW Iowa we afre paying around 3.75-4.00.

    I went to Sioux Falls SD about a month ago and premium there was $4.49.  :eek:
  6. In Calif. its over $5 a gallon.
  7. $3.29-$3.43 by me today in NJ.
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    Like 3.54 round here in MA.
  9. Around £1.40-1.50 a litre here in Scotland, which if I'm calculating this right comes out at about £6.50 per gallon. 
    Meaning were paying around 10 dollars for a gallon. Goddamnit.
  10. Damn it's 4.18$ a gallon in the bay: (
  11. I cant understand how we can be around the same as cali...
    Thanks for sharing folks. I drive about 100 miles to day to go to work and home so this is something that I have to pay attention to
  12. We had a huge spike in gas prices last month when they closed down those couple of refineries for "maintenance" which pushed gas up to $4.29 and thereabouts for a week or two, but we're back down in the $3.60 range. 
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    $4.50 here in IL.
    The higher the gas prices go, the more money I save by riding my bike lol
  14. I don't know off the top of my head but it's ridiculous. 20 bucks doesn't even get me a half tank anymore  :cry:
  15. About $3.60/gallon in GA.

    I feel for the people over in Europe, they really have the shitty gas prices.
  16. 3.50 at it's highest for 87. 
    Also, I thought this was going to be a thread about how when a conversation gets awkward people say  "so about those gas prices"
  17. 4.09 is the last I saw for 87 in Indiana.

    Damn Indiana!
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    3.85 for low grade in San Diego. I've seen up to 4.20 recently though.

    I don't know where in California it's $5 but the state average is $3.96
  19. here along the front range in CO, low grade is about 3.75-3.80
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    Southwest PA

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