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Gas Prices

Discussion in 'General' started by Schad3nfreude, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Good Day Fellow Blades,

    Now I am aware that oil prices can and do fluctuate like the rising tide, however; I am not sure if it has just been the long wear and tear of the week, but I filled up my tank on Monday and gas was at $3.67 in Sewickley, PA. This afternoon I went to the gym and on my way home I decided to make a quick stop to top off and gas had shot up to $3.99. I don't really know how gas went up $.32 in less than 5 days, perhaps it's just Pittsburgh.

    What are gas prices like where you're at?

  2. I filled up 4 days ago @$4.30 gal for reg.

    $40 wouldn't fill the Geo!
  3. I gotta fill up with mid-range (89) and it's $4.25/gal.
  4. Its $4.50 for super over here in the bay area!
  5. last time i checked i believe it was around $3.80 for premium/plus (i drive a 2004 3-series BMW)
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    They are blaming it on the number of refineries that are closed; maintenance etc. It's bullshit. :smoke:

    Edited (forgot price) 3.53 in Tucson, little pissed because the low was 2.78 a few months ago.
  7. Damn, and I'm complaining about $3.99.
  8. 87 is 4.10 and 93 is around 4.50
  9. hmmmmm i wonder why???

    [ame=]Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket - YouTube[/ame]

    we are paying like 3.50 here
  10. That is hardly why. :rolleyes: Look at the number of refineries currently closed for "cleaning and mantenance". Then add in the speculators, got to keep the investors happy, fuck the consumer. :smoke:

  11. o4sure. its like there is ALWAYS areason for gas prices to go up. its sad. i am going to spend my money. i just wish i could spend it on other things instead of just gas

    another thing is that the value of our doller is not worth shit anymore
  12. I already hear talk about raising minimum wage up to $9 because people can't stretch their money as far as they could 5 years ago.
  13. You Americans have it lucky.
    Our fuel is $2.20 (USD $1.81) per litre. 3.78 litres in a gallon.
    Equals about $6.85 per gallon.

    Your fuel prices are dirt cheap!
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    Many things determine gas prices, like the value of the dollar, what is going on in other countries, the stock market, etc. Rarely can the President influence the price. It was over $4 at times when Bush was in office too.

    The value of the dollar is up, like 13%, since 2008.
  15. I pay $4.31 for a gallon of mid grade (Shell) fuel here in Southern California. :(
  16. $3.79 in Des Moines, IA. Bullshit.
  17. I got it for 3.20 today :)

    Only because I had .67 cents saved up on my card. Where I get gas if you buy a large coffee you get .04 cents off a gallon. I get a coffee from there everyday cause its on my way to work. The coffee isn't all that great but its bearable and it save me money on gas.
  18. Man some of these prices are insane. I have a friend who makes his own biodiesel and his car gets really good gas mileage; better than regular fuel even. He saves a fortune in gas money too.
  19. Just drove past Exxon and gas is up to $4.05 for ultra.
  20. I work at a gas station.. It was 3.81 when I left this morning. East Lansing, Mi
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