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Gas prices higher than we are

Discussion in 'General' started by BGreen420, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Im sure everyone knows gas prices are higher than we are, but when will it finally go down?! I live in omaha, and yesterday gas was 3.60 a gallon and it went up 15 cents in one day, and i dont even live in that big of a city. I just pisses me off when i keep seeing it go up. What are you guys paying now where you live?
  2. I never even pay attention :confused:

    I just checked and its $3.51/gallon at the cheapest in MN...

    Shit that is high I guess. :laughing:
  3. Yeah dude gas jumped from 89 cents a litre to 1.11 cents a litre here in one week. Fucking crazy
  4. i dont even drive, and im high alll the timeee.

    its kinda entertaining to laugh at all your misery (sorry) sometimes ... intil I have to pitch in myself

    a guy who has been working 31 years on this site with gas or something posted a long ass thread before that i lost track of

    i remember all the advice here it goes

    -when buying gas, you arent reimbursed for the sake of the rising temperatures during the day (when sun is out duhh). the rise in temperatures affects 'how much' gas you are getting.
    it is best to fill up either early morning or late night
    -always fill up when half empty/half full. if you wait till its fully empty, this allows more room for oxygen to stay with the gas. i guess just like with oxygen in your bag of chips this is no good. if you fill up from half up, there simply isnt space for oxygen or air to come in and help evaporate your gas
    -when pumping the gas, there is three modes of delivery on the handle. fast medium and slow. he says its best at slow because less gas is lost in the transition...
    -when you see those big oil tanker trunks at the gas station... DONT fill up then because, those trucks have dirt settle to botttom of it. when he pours the gas the dirt comes too, so if you fill up then you risk getting less gas for ... ya dirt

    wow i just spent time writing that. good thing im perrty good and fast and im high.
    wasted my high time on you but its k
  5. im higher than any gas price
  6. A gallon of milk still costs more than a gallon of gas.

    But it is fucking annoying.
  7. Read this in WaPo the other day.


  8. [​IMG]
  9. But seriously

    There's no reason why price should be increasing, the laws of supply in demand say that gas prices should be around $2.75 at the current moment in time

    In short:

    The oil companies are greedy pricks

    To answer any further questions:

    Because they can
  10. i doubt gas prices will ever be as high as I am :smoking:
  11. The station closest to me was $1.29 a liter today which is around 4.88 a gallon. fuck man
  12. Going up to 1.35 here in Ontario ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  13. i can out smoke those pakistanians any day!!!!!!!!@!!!!@@#!#

  14. How the hell is Venezuela so cheap..? Wish I had some huge oil tankers..
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    nope, still higher than gas prices. time for cheap hemp fuel.
  16. Whaaaat, I could grab two gallons of milk for 5 bucks at my local Ralphs, wish I could say the same for gas prices...
  17. $4.07 average here for regular 87 octane
  18. since i dont have a car i wish i could switch the prices of weed and gas. get a dimebag for 3.50 :D
  19. $3.97 here and rising each day pretty much. Driving 140 miles round trip each day to work is really starting to get fucking old. Oh well, I guess none of you remember when it was about $5 a gallon a couple of years ago. Oh yeah, milk is like $2.98 a gallon or a bit cheaper here. Your milk prices suck =P.

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