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Gas prices going down?

Discussion in 'General' started by b00my0, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Some employee messed up at the gas station near my house and put the 89 grade at .39 a gallon.. there was a huge ass crowd, but I managed to get my tank filled easily before the cops came and shut it down.

    I was pumping next to the true winner of the day.. $67 for 171 gallons hahaha

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  2. What did you put the 171 gallons in?

    edit: what was he putting it in lol
  3. damn, i wish that happened where i live. i would love to actually fill my tank for once
  4. Holy shit. That's ridiculous that they even happened for more than a couple minutes. I'm also curious as to what that man fit 171 gallons into.
  5. Never heard of that happening, should have gotten more, Peak Oil is only going to get worse! Save your seeds, buy land, get the fuck out the city!
  6. Luckily I got a picture of that too..

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  7. Where was this?
  8. Damn thats how its done right there, I should invest in a huge tank and go gas hunting sometime lol.

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