gas prices causing problems for you guys?

Discussion in 'General' started by Koopa, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. anyone hurtin in the wallet due to the high gas prices? no more bowl cruises in the car just drivin around gettin blazed...far too costly. also having to pay more $ to fill the tank is meaning less weed for me :( :( :(
  2. Yeah, its hitting everyone.
  3. it defenetly does suck
  4. yeah normally i would do drive arounds but its too expensive. My friends dont seem to understand that and well end up driving in my car always (nice sound system, convertible) and they dont seem to get that driving around for 2 hrs costs a ton of money.
  5. i can only hope it goes higher. .get those SUV's off the road.
  6. yes very gay, its robbery what they want
  7. I really need prices to go down. I never had a car before, and i just got one a few months ago that i just got fixed. Its a 86 cutlas with a 307 V8. I've always wanted a big car with a V8, now i have it and can't afford to leave the driveway.
  8. im looking for work, and finally got a call for an interview for a job about 3-4 hours away. dont think i can take it now. got no $$$ whatsoever let alone the gas its gonna take to drive that way for the interveiw, plus gas for when i move if i get the job. probably gonna have to take a raincheck...if they had called me a month ago (when they were supposed to!) i might be up there right now!

  9. i love the cutlass 442's from the 70's. sweet man..bad car to have in these times tho
  10. I hear ya...I thought Id never see it again....

    In the 70's gas Crisis we all had 8 mpg hotrods...needless to say when gas went from 46 cents to 3.50 4.00 a gallon then they started only giving you 3 gallons at a time....Our cars sat in the garage...

    Not much better now....My 15 yr old truck gets 10 mpg and gas will be 3.00 by next week....its 2.70 and evrybodys sayin fill up before saturday.....

    LOL...At least my truck wont turn 80k miles on it for along time...
  11. yea..the 70's had tight cars man. why is it saturday in particular that they say we should fill-up before.
  12. sucks!! ive always wanted a cutlass. i got a delta 88 and its kinda a gashog. i dont run the AC when my kids arent in the car, and its still really hot down here. oh well. yeah there goes cruising...:(
  13. The traditional laborday gas price hike.....These Bastard oil companies are going figure in their bonus check possible 8-10 a gal.. ...they dont give a shit about the storm....they gotta get that holiday travel kickback

    I dont mind paying more because of the disaster....but to line these fuckers pockets............bullshit

  14. ohhh..right..duh..forgot about labor day for a second. yea..high gas prices are one thing, but when they're high because of people making a profit, it pisses me off. people ripping other people off always pisses me off. whether it be a drug dealer or Exxon
  15. I'm definately feeling it. I deliver pizza's and the gas isn't paid for by the pizza place. I get $2 a deliver as delivery fee, plus tips, but with gas prices at $3.30 and rising, its getting shitty. I'm gonna have to talk to him about a price change due to gas prices.
  16. yea, its horrible. The price of gas has went up 2 dollars since bush's little fucking pet war! fuck that guy.
  17. my cutlas gets 13-15 mpg. i think its going in the garage and i'll be making a show car. Then i'm going to buy a bike, like a 250 honda or something.
  18. There is a gas station near me that was $2.90 a gallon yesterday and this morning it was $3.47, now that is fucked up.
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