Gas Prices Are Not Going Up

Discussion in 'General' started by Rahzizzle, Jun 23, 2008.


    You know, I had a dream once and the evil enemy in the dream, the scheming, conniving man rubbing his hands together because he has a master plan to foil the world was no other than Dick Cheney. (he just fucking looks evil)
  2. This is yet another Hmmmmm.... moment I dont know what to think.
  3. Whenever I see "Infowars" or "Alex Jones", I treat the news in the same way I treat "Fox News". With a grain of salt. A lot of biased opinions....
  4. I'd have to agree with you. No one can know everything that is going on at once but we can be sure there are things that the government is doing that would topple them from the feet up if the public found out.
  5. Yeah...if corruption exists in every level of politics, it would be naive to think that it doesn't happen on a Federal Level.

    There's two sides to every's up to us to be well-informed from both sides AND the middle.

    How does Alex Jones explain OPEC's oil barrel prices?

  6. They aren't going down either. Equilibrium!
  7. no matter what the reason that they are so high is..........its still a bitch to pay
  8. The biggest pain in the ass is that our cars dont even fly yet.
    what the fuck!? its past the year 2,000, I want a flying car!
  9. Thanks for posting this. So few Americans understand the currency crisis (or that there even is one), and we're probably going to have a fucking nationalized oil industry as a result of this ignorance.


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