GAS price in your area?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ninjaballs, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. here in new orleans its 3.80 and rising :/
  2. 3,88 in east Texas :-(
  3. 3.67, north central iowa
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    $4. something like $4.20 :smoking: for premium which is what my car takes... in swfl.
  5. $3.79 in Lafayette, Louisiana. Most of the economy in this area is based on crude so high prices are not completely bad. Unless it become sun affordable and demand goes down.
  6. $4.36!!! In NorCal.
  7. Fuckin like 3.92 for regular in Houston Texas at my exxon so I think I might go to Virgo cause they got it fr like 3.60
  8. $1.33/ L in toronto as of right now..

    only gonna keep going up
  9. $4.48 for premium
  10. Los Angeles, between 4.35 and 4.45 for regular
  11. Hahah suck it California I have something over you!!!
  12. $3.25 for the middle one. Bay Area.
  13. damn i wouldnt drive at all in cali lmao, its $3.77 right now in Garner, NC
  14. Too high.
  15. Right around $4.00 in central Illinois. I think its $3.92
  16. 3.88 fuking stupid need water fueled cars.
  17. 1.35 for a litre.
    by comparison thats $5.10 a gallon, so you americans stop complaining.

    there are people in europe who pay almost double your prices
  18. Really? That's pretty good for CA

    $4.49 up here in Arcata

  19. but weer 'merican we deserve cheap gas.


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