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Gas Mask

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by btown_bongman, May 27, 2010.

  1. Im buying a gas mask tomorrow. I have never smoked one before.

    Your thoughts?
  2. prepare to get retarded:)
  3. Heard you can only use then once. Is this true or bullshit?
  4. Personal opinion - savagely over-rated, but you'll definitely get really stoned
  5. gas masks are pretty interesting :smoking:, is it a bong attachment, or a dry pipe?
  6. i think it would be fun once in a while, never tried one. not something i'd want to use regularly. I would definitely own multiple bongs, a bowl, a bubbler, a nice grinder, and have a nice stash before I'd consider buying one. lol but if youre a party kinda guy could be fun.
  7. once? why? bs.

  8. Bong attachment:hello:
  9. Ive only smoked out of one once, but from what ive seen from friends (and i could see myself doing if i owned one) is a gas mask being cool at first then you getting very tired of all the negative shit. They get you blazed and are pretty cool, but theyre extremely hard to breath out of and burn the fuck out of your eyes. but still theyre pretty fucking cool.
  10. I'm diggin' your sig :smoke:
  11. even better man, post some pics/milkshots once you obtain that beast!

    why thank you :D
  12. Gas masks are hella sick. I can see them getting old but they are definitely a good change up
  13. Gask mask is mad fun, but I can tell you that the first time I did it was the ONLY time I did it. I got blasted out of my mind... it's just an interesting experience. VERY harsh though. It really isn't fun for recreational use.

  14. Definitely not true. My gas mask (also known as the terminator :p) shows up with me at all the parties. Make sure you clean the inside really good though, and if multiple people are using it be sure to bring a paper towel. The reason I say that is because it can get quite hot in there, and a lot of time people sweat. I'd clean it after every use (by that I mean every session), because it can get a bit of a rank smell in the mask and makes it much more unpleasant to smoke.

    That said, I love my gas mask and when I just have a little nug left that's one of the things I'll hit. Prepare to have your eyes water like never before.

    p.s. - CLOSE YOUR EYES!! :D:D
  15. Gas masks are the shit! Once you pull that mask off for the first time after inhaling a shitload of smoke you will be saying to yourself,""

    Its like smoking again for the first time because they are so unique and interesting and unlike anyother smoking devices.

    Ive got one with a steam roller attatchment. Hardcore stuff.:D:smoking::smoking::smoking:

    Smoke On!:smoking:
  16. ya man that cats lookin pretty chill
  17. Have one with interchanging bong and steamer attachments. I like it dont get me wrong but they take a few goes to learn how to find the bowl on a straight bong haha. another thing is dont let any real novices smoke out of it because ive had a couple instances where it has been coughed in which turns into a disaster of blown out cherries, spilled bong water and a now saliva coated gas mask. Cleaning is a bit of a chore and it is far from the day to day workhorse but I like my mask and bought it for the simple fact i love different ways of smoking which is what got me started on the fairly decent collection i have now haha.
  18. Gas mask are kind of stupid, they dont get you any higher then bongs, if anything bongs get you higher.
  19. I recommend you close your eyes when you hit it. No need to find out firsthand why haha
  20. Yeah for sure when you first start using one. It's weird though, I've used mine countless times, and now I can sit there eyes wide open and have the mask so milked you can't even see my eyes, and somehow it won't bother them. At that point it's pretty cool to watch the way the smoke goes up through the mask. I have a hookah like attachment (I'm posting pictures of all my pieces in like half an hour or so), so it's a normal bong part, but it has a hose attachment that hooks onto the gas mask, and the way it looks when drawing the smoke up through the bong, then the hose, then the mask is awe inspiring every time :)

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