Gas Mask.

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Filth Noir, May 19, 2010.

  1. Is it worth it? Looks amazing, found one for only 25 dollars at a local shop.
  2. they can def be a fun smoking device esepcially at that price.
  3. I had a gas mask, but when I had a party someone ran out with it, I was HEATED :mad:
    But they are fun, and they get you RIPPED. I mean, regular gas masks are cool in general. But a gas mask with a bong? That's the fucking BOMB . But I would deff recommend one of them!

    Now go blaze up! :smoke::smoking::bongin:
  4. gas masks are one of the best smoking inventions of all time

    HELL YEA ITS WORTH IT....i paid $80 for mine
  5. Agreeeeed!:smoke:
  6. I got mine for $60, it's sweet, I like to hook it up to my acrylic double chamber bong as an extension, hahaha. Just make sure it has a seal around your mouth, or else you'll be getting MAJOR eye tokes.
  7. Wow, thanks for the feedback, I totally look forward to purchasing a gas mask in the near future.. as soon as I can afford it... screw money.
  8. Happy tokin! :smoke:
  9. Gas masks are neat, but mostly novelty; I own one, and it was used heavily for a little less than a week. Now it just gets broken out at parties.
  10. Don't listen to anyone's advice in this thread but shatterwulf. Gas masks are novelty. Kind of a Spencers (gift shop) type of thing. I've never heard of any actual company producing high quality versions. There the same as a china bong pretty much= shitty. They don't really do anything. So the answer is save your money on a scientific glass tube.

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