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Gas Mask

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Peace_420, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. im really wanting one i use to smoke out of one and i want to own one does anyone know about how much they cost?
  2. 30 dollars for the cheap ones.
  3. That sounds REALLY unhealthy...
  4. nah gas masks are sick. for the money, i would get one.
  5. They look menttalll.....
  6. depends on where you go. $30-$60.
  7. I bought one a few weeks back. Its not for everyday smoking, but im glad i bought one. Just sitting there with the smoke filled mask was awesome. Hard to light on your own though. But u should defitnely grab one.
  8. anywhere from 30-90$, all my local headshops have them, and they are in that price range.
  9. i have onebehind my computer for when im home alone
  10. Those things are really rough, its basically a steam roller hit hitting your face and eyes, it burns pretty bad.
  11. They look sick, if i had cash to just blow on something fun I would get one of make one. I heard that people like panic when it fills up with smoke because they cant see but thats just what i heard. I bet it gets your eyes priddy shot :smoking:
  12. ha i wonder if anyone actually smokes tabacco through one of those that would be nasty as fuck
  13. i got one for 50$ with a small plastic acrilyic(sp?) bong, I love it. It takes a while to get used to it, but once you get it down to a science it can be awesome
  14. its real uncomfortable the 1st few times
  15. atleast 30 bucks. ideally around 50.

    goddamn they get you so loaded. its gonna be a bitch if you have long hair though id laugh at my friends when the bands would pull their hair lol

    you can put water in some of the gas masks too. like if you close off the end of the steam roller you can add water but it has to be a pull slide.
  16. when i first got mine i tbought i didnt like it. itshard ti lite by yourself, it burns your eyes and urface is full of smoke. ut after a while it gets to be anenjoyable experience. get the one wth a bong on the end instead of a steam roller you get waay fatter hits

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