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Gas Mask?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ramones4d, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. What up guys. So i was browsing through some sites today and i saw a gasmask. I remember my friend telling me about it about a year ago but I never saw one until today. Anyways it looks to be a long chamber from a bong with a gas mask attached to it lol. Looks like it would get you extremely high considering that your inhaling like all the smoke that you also exhale..So i guess i'm just asking for some advice. Have any of you guys ever toked out of one of these? and how was it?
  2. yeeeeeees!

    But just remember to keep your eyes closed or it burns like hell!
  3. i used one honestly id much rather hit a bong but i did use a like really cheap one that was pretty much just a steamroller attached to the mask so idk maybe better ones would be nicer.
  4. Dude you should invest in one they r one of my favorite ways to smoke i think 20 times better than a bong
  5. I have a old WWII gas mask in my attic maybe i should put it to good use lol. :smoking:
  6. lol ya dude go for it. Attach a bong to that thing a rip it hard :)
  7. i've got a russian surplus mask with a long rubber hose and a bowl on the end and it gets me pretty ripped.
  8. I didn''t care for it. It sounded like a lot more fun before I tried it. I rather rip a bong anyday.
  9. My sister has one of those. It's pretty sick.
  10. A good friend of mine has one that we smoke from a good bit. if you have the extra cash i'd recommend investing in one. make sure you keep the mask to your face the whole time. you'll be baked!
  11. How much would one go for anyways?
  12. Ive heard the average price is $55 at headshops
  13. i bought a real gas mask i found at a dollar store a couple years ago, it came with the mask, a shoulder bag, an air purifier that screws onto the end of the tube and this wax shit so when its cold you rub it on the lenses and it doesnt fog up, ive only used it a couple times to smoke with. just put the tube on the top of the bong and smoked it like that
  14. Wow you got a gas mask at a dollar store? Sounds like a good deal haha
  15. yeah its legit as fuck too, the company had a site with different styles and everything, get ready for nuclear fallout
  16. u dont need to bother buying one just buy a bong and do a big ghost hit and u have just got all the weed the gas mask can give u without it burning ur eyes

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