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Gas Mask!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ChronicBlazin, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. last night at my friends house I saw what he made. It was a gas mask attached to a 3 foot bong. Its cool because when ever you inhale you get a massive hit. There are no weak hits possible with this thing. It takes about a bowl per person but the effects are really worth it. After you take the mask off your so out of it and dont even know what is really goin on. Its the greatest homemade device I have ever used before. It looks really crazy when someone is using it because whenever you breath out, a huge cloud of smoke fills the air. I can reccomend this to anyone that wants to try something that is out of the ordinary. I now have plans to go to the army surplus store to get a mask of my own.
  2. My boyfriend made one also, of course, he got custody when we broke up!
  3. i saw one at a headshop..looked crazy. didnt buy it thinkin about gettin one
  4. I've smoked out of two different ones before....the first one was awesome, but the second one sucked, so we took it apart and made a steamroller
  5. I <3 mine .....except for my face getting Sticky & Icky but ya gotta deal......
  6. Very cool!
  7. thats cool, but a ghetto WW2 gas mask.
    my friend got one from his friend that works for the city parks. its freaking awesome, and retails for like $100. i'll try to get a pic of one of us hittin' up on the forum soon!
  8. That's kinda creepy lookin. I just happen to have an old gas mask layin around in my garage. Maybe I'll have to try that. The only problem is that the thing smells horrible. But I guess I could bear it just long enough to get high

  9. its actually the product of new and old. i didn't like the shitty acrillic tube that came on it ( i refuse to smoke out of plastic ) so i took it off and screwed on the hose from my old one. it the hose is so much better because you can put it into any bong, attach a bowl on to the end by merly sticking it in, or stuffing a blunt into it. It maybe not high on looks but its deffinitly high on getting you high......hahaha...god that was lame..... but anyway, you know what i mean.....

    who cares it works and rather nicely :)
  10. Now id join a war in a split second if we got to use those as gas masks!:D
  11. looks cool, but it must be a bitch to pass around...

    puff, puff, pass
  12. LOL yea
    take ya an hour for a rotation :)

  13. yea it is..... thats why we usually blaze a bowl to our heads outta it...... it gets ya real nice ;)
  14. I don't really know if I'd want to share something like that with a lot of people. It would get all hot, and nasty, wouldn't it? Maybe I'm just crazy.........
  15. ah... i just roll a blunt

  16. it does, thats why you have to wipe it out...... i try not to share with many as it is an occasional thing only.......

    i do...... all the time......

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