Gas mask help?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Tim24, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. I have had a gas mask for sometime now, an i decided to finally smoke out of it, but when I go to hit it is can barely draw any air. Makes it hard to hit a steam roller out of it. Any ideas?
  2. Not to be a douche, but those gas mask bongs really aren't made for function - more to get attention at a party or something unfortunately. I doubt you're doing anything wrong, it probably just doesn't function well.
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  3. The valves were stuck. I just had to buy new ones.
  4. How's the function now? Get your eyes really cashed out? Hahah
  5. Hits hard. An no lmfao
  6. I wanted one when I was a teenager. Now I would never get one.

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  7. I like them; they are fun to smoke out of. My old roommate had one, and it was like a sideshow attraction when his friends were there and id smoke from it because i was the only one in the group who could clear it in one hit
  8. Damn i got one of those from my toking buddies for my Bday, been lying here ever since but after seeing this topic i'm inclined to try it now :D Never tried it before since these are supposed to destroy you, but the bowl on mine is like half the size of all my other glass pipe bowls :p
  9. I just smoked out of mine brings me back to the old days. Lmfao

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  10. Just tried mine too, it really is more of a 2 man operation tho... Couldn't see the bowl with the mask on :p had to bend it a bit so i could see the bowl. It was fun but damn that's alot of work to get high :p Took another hit from the daily driver and now i'm gettin there :)
  11. Mine hits perfectly.

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